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Wholesalers defend fuel pricing in Public Accounts Committee

Fuel suppliers have defended their pricing before and during the COVID-19 pandemic, stating that wholesale margins are slim and high local costs are largely...

Fuel prices: Regular drops below $4 per gallon

Utility regulator OfReg’s weekly fuel price survey shows that the price of regular fuel has dropped below $4 per imperial gallon, following a sharp fall in crude oil prices since the end of February.

Consumers can expect lower gas prices

Consumers can see the first signs of the extreme fall in oil prices at the gas stations. Fuel prices began to decline marginally during the past four weeks, with the most significant reduction during the week of 16 March.

Fuel sector assessment starts

Economic Partners Limited, a Hong Kong-based consulting firm, has begun meetings with stakeholders to carry out an economic and competition assessment of the fuels...

OfReg fuel sector consultation period ends next week

A public consultation on the proposed consumer protection regulations in the fuel sector launched by utility regulator OfReg ends on Friday, 30 Aug.

With eye on gas prices, OfReg launching fuels sector study

The Utility Regulation and Competition Office, known as OfReg, is seeking an economic consultant to analyze the territory’s fuels sector and draft an assessment, which the regulator will use to determine what rules to make for the market.

Gas prices fall, but not as much as in U.S.

Gas prices reached a four-month low as of Monday, falling to an average of $4.76 per gallon, according to the latest data from the Utility Regulation and Competition Office (OfReg).

Regulator: Gas prices have ‘plateaued’

Increasing fuel prices in the Cayman Islands may have “plateaued” in mid-to-late June and could head down later in the summer, according to the islands’ utilities and commodities regulator.

Regulator wades into local fuel market

Cayman’s utilities and commodities regulator is seeking a comprehensive review of the local fuel market with an eye toward establishing “effective supervision” of that market.

Gas up 30 cents since April

Grand Cayman has seen a 30 cent average per gallon hike in the price of regular, unleaded gasoline sold by the two large petroleum importers since the beginning of April, according to figures provided by the territory’s utilities and commodities regulator.

Price of gas

Today's editorial cartoon.

10 cent hike noted in local gas prices

A one-week average hike of about 10 cents per gallon for unleaded gasoline was reported in the first week of April by Cayman’s utilities and commodities regulator.

Gas prices

Gas prices — Editorial cartoon

Report: Deflation continues for fifth straight quarter

The consumer price index continued to fall for the first quarter of 2016, according to the most recent economic measures from the Economics and Statistics Office.

With lower oil prices, Cayman imports more gas, cars

Cayman imported more cars and more gasoline to fuel them in 2015 amid sharp declines in oil prices, according to a new report from the Economics and Statistics Office.

Inspectorate: Fuel prices must be viewed ‘in context’

Significant delays in shipping petroleum to the Cayman Islands must be considered when comparing current local retail fuel prices to international benchmark prices, Cayman’s chief petroleum inspector said this week.

Grand Cayman gas prices lowest since 2010

Retail fuel prices on Grand Cayman have hit their lowest point in almost six years, with a gallon of regular, unleaded self-serve gasoline costing $3.93 on average as of Tuesday.

Pump prices average below $4; lower power bills likely

Average fuel prices on Grand Cayman last week fell below the $4 per gallon mark for the first time in more than two years, according to data provided by the Cayman Islands Petroleum Inspectorate.

Cayman gas prices drop below $4 per gallon

Per gallon prices for regular, unleaded gasoline fell below $4 per gallon this week at some George Town petrol stations.

Cayman gas prices drop another 20 cents

Cayman’s average price per gallon for regular, unleaded self-serve fuel fell by another 20 cents at the end of October, reports from the local petroleum inspectorate show.

Good governance works best in the sunshine

Transparency is a first step toward accountability.

Gas prices lead import decline

Imports declined for the second quarter in a row, falling 9 percent between April and June of this year.

Fuel price rally runs out of gas

In the realm of rallies, there’s the Million Man March … and then there’s everything else. Put another way, not all protests are created equal.

Protesters demand lower gas prices, present petition

The government will soon introduce legislation to address complaints about high gas prices, Premier Alden McLaughlin told demonstrators outside the Legislative Assembly on Wednesday.

Petrol petitioners set to march on government

Protesters who say they are “fed up” with high gas and diesel prices at the pump plan to hold a peaceful march through downtown George Town on Wednesday morning.

Keep an eye on lawmakers this week

Legislators are expected to tackle several significant pieces of legislation that could potentially alter the political and economic fabric of our country.

Busy week of bills for lawmakers

The Cayman Islands Legislative Assembly is set to be inundated this week with bills seeking massive change to the country’s business culture and its political election system.

Gas prices drop at Sol/Esso stations

Prices at the pump fell by about 20 cents per gallon at many Sol Petroleum-supplied stations on Monday and Tuesday as declining worldwide petroleum prices trickled down to the Cayman Islands.

Large disparity in Grand Cayman gas prices

Gas prices at one group of retail gas stations fell significantly this week, while other retail average prices remained largely unchanged from two weeks ago.

Little decline in Cayman gas prices

Steadily falling fuel prices in the U.S. and worldwide since early July once again are not reflected at the pump on Grand Cayman, statistics examined by the Cayman Compass reveal.

EY reform plan: One year later

It has been a year since the Cayman Islands government announced an ambitious public sector reform plan to restructure the civil service, amalgamate certain services, privatize others and sell off certain public assets.

 The reforms were based on a $155,000 consultant report done by EY, and although many of the recommendations were longer-term projects, Premier Alden McLaughlin said in April that six areas in particular had been identified as issues the government would pursue immediately.


The price of ‘price regulation’ is too high

Price regulation on gasoline is not something the government should implement in a free-market society.

Public utilities legislation due in the fall

Claiming residents have endured uncompetitive and inflated petrol prices for too long, Planning Minister Kurt Tibbetts warned gas and diesel distributors that they must turn over their operational cost data to government or face fuel price control legislation.

Gas import prices drop more than at the pump

Gas import prices fell by about 42 percent for the first quarter of this year over the same time last year. Gas prices at the pump fell 25 percent over that time.

Gallon of gas up 55 cents in four months

Cayman Islands gas prices are rising, just in time for summer.

Minister says gas price rules coming soon

Planning Minister Kurt Tibbetts says Cayman is looking to a model from the Bahamas to control gas price markups.

Gas prices on the rise in Cayman

After a six-month respite, local fuel prices are going up once again.

Proposed utilities commission will order gas price checks

Cayman's regulatory scheme for gasoline and petroleum is about to look a lot different, the planning minister says.

Busy agenda set for LA

Immigration and gas prices are on the list for the upcoming Legislative Assembly meeting.

Little Cayman gets second 'first' electric car

Ten years later, Little Cayman finally gets a road-worthy electric car.

Gas prices sink below $4 a gallon at three Cayman service stations

Cayman's average gas prices keep falling, but for how long?

Little Cayman left out of gas price drop

Little Cayman is left out of the gas price savings seen in Cayman Brac and Grand Cayman over the past few months.

Gas falls below $4 a gallon in Cayman

The price of a gallon of regular, at one station at least, has dropped below $4 a gallon.

Cayman gas prices fall while US prices increase

Gas prices in Cayman continue to fall, but for how long?

Average gas price in Cayman falls to $4.38 a gallon

More good news on gas prices for Cayman drivers, but is the party about to come to an end?

Grand Cayman gas prices in free fall

Regular unleaded gasoline prices plummeted – in some cases by more than 40 cents per gallon – starting Friday as Grand Cayman’s fuel costs continued a downward trend that began in late October.

Lawmakers to debate gas price motion

The subject of greater regulation of gas prices in the Cayman Islands will come before the Legislative Assembly later this year in one form or another.

Online poll: Majority optimistic about economy

More than 62 percent of the respondents to the most recent caymancompass.com online poll are somewhat optimistic or very optimistic that the Cayman Islands will have a prosperous economy in 2015.

Minister: Gas prices should drop further

Local gas prices dropped sharply again over the weekend, but Cayman Islands government leaders say it's not enough.

Gas prices drop again

Cayman gas prices fall by another 18 cents a gallon as of Wednesday.

The price of gas, toothbrushes (and everything else)

Most of the revenues government collects are from "indirect taxation," and, therefore, are "hidden" from those who are actually paying them.

Gas prices drop 13 cents at Cayman pumps

Cayman's fuel prices make a quick drop after several months of a sustained plateau.

Police: Speeding cause of most motorcycle accidents

Speeding is the leading cause of motorcycle accidents in Cayman, police has confirmed.

Back to grassroots Cayman

Cayman older folks share historic information about a simpler life and how they survived during challenging times.

Fuel costs driven by factors

Gas prices in the Cayman Islands are driven by several factors.

Gas prices again out of line

Writer says gas prices are too high in the Cayman Islands.

Gas prices unlikely to fall as fast as oil

Oil has dropped $9 per barrel, or 9.1 percent, in less than two weeks. Gas prices tend to lag changes in oil, but experts don't expect a significant move lower until the middle of October.

Oil price falls as crude supply rises

Oil prices fell Wednesday as U.S. supplies of crude rose for the first time in a month and finance ministers from industrialized nations pleaded with top producers to help lower crude prices and help the global economy.

Gas prices inch lower in Cayman

Prices for gas in the Cayman Islands have come down a bit in recent days.

What is with Cayman gas prices?

I believe there may have been a change of ownership of the oil distributors here, but it seems the old regime of customer exploitation still exists.

Caymanians drained for gas

Caymanians have seen no ease in gas prices despite prices falling in the US late last year.

Year in Review: The top stories of May 2011

A rundown of news events in May 2011 in the Cayman Islands.

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