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DoE allocates funds to fight deadly coral disease

Just under $100,000 from the Department of Environment’s budget has been diverted to help combat the spread of the deadly stony coral tissue loss disease.

DoE yet to approve plan for removal of ironshore at FIN

The Department of Environment has not yet given the go-ahead for work to start on removing parts of the ironshore to create a saltwater tidal pool at the FIN development on South Church Street.

The issue explained: Report outlines likely environmental impacts of port

Many of the anticipated environmental impacts of the cruise berthing project were laid out following an exhaustive investigation in 2014 and 2015. The environmental impact assessment, led by coastal engineering firm Baird and Associates, examined everything from the impact on coral reefs in George Town Harbour to the potential for erosion on Seven Mile Beach.

Turtle impact concerns persist with Beach Bay resort

Plans to construct a resort hotel at Beach Bay, a primary habitat for turtle nesting, continued to stir debate on Wednesday.

Conservation Council launches online turtle survey

The Cayman Islands National Conservation Council has released an online survey to encourage as many local residents as possible to weigh in on the Council’s draft sea turtle species conservation plan.
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Free event offers insight on National Conservation Law

A free educational session hosted by the National Trust for the Cayman Islands will answer questions about the National Conservation Law.

Landmark environmental legislation under review

A broad committee including developers, environment and tourism officials, legal experts and government leaders has been assembled to review the island’s National Conservation Law.

EDITORIAL – Turtle release: A ‘shell game’ worth playing

Purists would do well to remember that in this context, “protection” refers to the species, as a whole. The Turtle Centre is doing a stellar job in its contributions to the rejuvenation and replenishment of this species.

Cruise port environmental impact study must be updated

A second phase of the Environmental Impact Assessment on the cruise berthing project will likely be required before Cabinet can grant final approval for construction to begin on the project.

Iguana cullers seek looser air gun rules

Environment officials are in talks with police in an effort to relax Cayman’s gun regulations in order to fast track new air-rifle permits for an islandwide cull of invasive green iguanas.

Environment chief removed from cruise project committee

The Department of Environment is no longer represented on the steering committee overseeing the cruise berthing project.

Feral cats pose threat to survival of Brac seabirds

Feral cats present a threat to the survival of a rare seabird colony on Cayman Brac, according to Department of Environment researchers.

Council emphasizes concern over festival site decision

The Central Planning Authority’s decision to approve the Dart group’s plans for a festival site without considering environmental implications may not be legal, according to Gina Ebanks-Petrie, director of the Department of Environment.

Conservation council defends record on assessments

Less than one percent of projects referred to the National Conservation Council were required to go through environmental impact assessments in the past 18 months, according to the council’s annual report.

Cayman’s green iguana population tops 1 million

There are now more than a million invasive green iguanas on Grand Cayman, with culling efforts so far proving futile.

Waste management project to undergo EIA

An environmental impact assessment will be required before construction on the Cayman Island’s new waste-management infrastructure can commence.

Proposed Little Cayman road draws DoE warning

Proposals for a new road in Little Cayman could open up 200 acres of “pristine primary habitat” to potential development, the Department of Environment has warned.

Bodden Town-Rum Point road proposed through mangroves

A new road that would cut through the Central Mangrove Wetlands to link Bodden Town to Rum Point is under consideration.

Turtle Centre rejects DoE, animal rights critics

As the Cayman Turtle Centre moves toward its annual January breeding pond assessment and further releases of animals into the wild, new questions have arisen about the health and safety of its programs. A Dec. 10 release of 36 green sea turtles went ahead before the DOE cleared protocols.

EDITORIAL – Head-on collision: New highway and environmental law

A highway is plotted directly through the “ecological heart of Grand Cayman.” On one side are elected leaders who support the project. On the other are officials charged with protecting the environment. What we have here, folks, is a high-stakes game of chicken.

EDITORIAL – Force of ‘nature’: An activist on the public payroll

Any “environmentalist” worth his or her salt is a fierce soldier, eager to take up arms against perceived adversaries. Remember that if your battle cry is “save the environment,” it must be saved from someone — that is, other humans.

EDITORIAL – ‘Tip of the spear’: The Conservation Council’s conflicts

When it comes to the National Conservation Council and its potential conflicts, we feel that concerns over fishing methods and fish species may end up being just “the tip of the spear.”

Spat deepens between DoE and Paul Allen

Paul Allen’s company Vulcan Inc. issued a statement Saturday accusing Cayman’s Department of Environment of “delaying approving or implementing action” on a remediation plan to repair a large swath of coral allegedly damaged by the anchor of Mr. Allen’s yacht, MV/Tatoosh, in mid-January.

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