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Civil servants given more

The holiday season was made a bit lighter for some civil servants, who cashed in on a Government interest-free loan.

Cayman group offers aid

Cayman Loves Children is appealing for desperately needed funds to send to non-governmental organizations in Sri Lanka and Indonesia.

Millions in need

GENEVA - Up to 5 million people in the tsunami-struck Indian Ocean region lack access to the basic supplies they need to stay alive, the United Nations health agency said Thursday.

Rental cars scarce

Many tourists on Grand Cayman may have to bus or walk it because rental cars are still tied up on long-term lease to residents and companies after thousands of vehicles were destroyed during Hurricane Ivan.

Book generates $10,000 for recovery

The National Recovery Fund is $10,000 better off thanks to a donation from two Ivan-made authors.

Insurance reshuffle

Caymans local insurance industry may be reshaped owing to the level of insurance payout because of damage by Hurricane Ivan and a suspected high number of un-insured or underinsured homeowners.

More classrooms Cayman bound

Arrival of a barge in Port George Town at the end of December would mean that all children will be in classrooms when school begins 5 January.

Bringing back a landmark

Time and again the Cayman Islands have seen members of the public and private sectors get together to iron out another wrinkle from Ivan.

Homeless get free phones

As Government seeks private sector assistance on housing, Cingular Wireless has jumped ahead with a pledge for free phone service to the homeless for a year.

Boston bound on new jet

Cayman Airways new direct flight to Boston saw local VIPs hop aboard Friday evening for the inaugural trip to the new destination on the newly acquired 737-300 jet airplane.

Ministers group offers help

Government agencies, private sector businesses and volunteer groups have taken on the job of rebuilding Grand Cayman.

Cayman ‘well prepared’

Of the Caribbean countries hit by hurricanes this year, Cayman was perceived to have been the most prepared.

Health Ministry in recovery

The Ministry of Health has laid out its recovery and future mitigation arrangements in the event of another disaster of the magnitude of Hurricane Ivan.

Natural News

A species of monkey unknown to science has been photographed in India by an international team of researchers. Named the Arunachal macaque, the new monkey is a comparatively large brown primate with a relatively short tail.

TODAY’S EDITORIAL: Rental legislation

It is unfortunate when Government has to step in and make rules to keep seemingly intelligent adults in tow.

Hurricane Ivan ribbons a hit

The sale of Hurricane Ivan ribbons started with a bang this week with a US$10,000 donation.

World hunger

The world is losing the battle against hunger, with the number of malnourished people in developing nations now put at 815 million and rising, according to a U.N. report.

Today’s Editorial: It’s all about planning

When buying or selling real estate its all about location, location, location.

Christmas tree lit at Governor’s House

A large crowd gathered at the Governors House last Friday evening for The Ministry of Community Services, Youth, Sports and Gender Affairs second annual Christmas-tree lighting ceremony.

Bush wants UK aid

Government will today dispatch a letter to the UK, again seeking assistance for hurricane recovery of the Cayman Islands.

Friend, foe in Britain

A recent debate in the UK House of Commons revealed that the Cayman Islands has both friend and foe in the British parliament, and that the London Government has left Cayman on its own.

A little help, please

A Cayman tradition is spending time with family on holidays and weekends at the Seven Mile Public beach, cruise ship visitors alike enjoy a quick trip to soak up the rays for a few hours as they visit our island gem.

LGB speaks on MC Restoration

Amid a number of comments by members of the public and a statement by Leader of the Opposition Kurt Tibbetts concerning the debris removal contract awarded to MC Restoration, Leader of Government Business McKeeva Bush made a presentation on the matter to the Legislative Assembly Monday.

Scotland works for Witt

Mark Scotland does not work for MC Restoration, neither does he work for Government, but is employed by James Lee Witt Associates.

UN study broken down

How badly did Hurricane Ivan damage the Cayman Islands? Answers from a report by the UNs Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean are grim.

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