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DoE looks to ramp up green iguana culling

The Department of Environment is calling on the public to report any sightings of green iguanas to help cullers cut down the population as breeding season approaches for the invasive species.
More than a million green iguanas have been culled since late October 2018.

Green iguana cull on pause

One negative consequence of Cayman’s island-wide shutdown could be a resurgence of the invasive green iguana.

Green iguana cull crosses 54k mark

Cullers have turned in 54,508 green iguanas since the start of this year.

2020 green iguana cull begins

The 2020 edition of the green iguana cull has started and already 594 of the animals being turned in to the Department of Environment in the first three days of this year's cull.

Better year?

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Year in review: Green iguana cull topped 1 million in 2019

Last year was open season on the invasive green iguana population in Grand Cayman.

Where do the culled iguanas go?

There are over 1 million dead iguanas in the dump. What happens to the carcasses? As they decompose, do they constitute a health hazard? Ted Pearson

Iguana cull marks first year

A year after it launched, the Department of Environment's island-wide cull of invasive green iguanas has removed 1,028,305 of the animals from the population.

1 million green iguanas culled

The green iguana culling mission hit a landmark on Thursday when the one millionth of the invasive species was deposited at the George Town landfill.

Iguana horror

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EDITORIAL – Iguana cull gets tougher with fewer ‘easy pickings’

Cayman’s cullers have removed some 380,000 of the reptiles from yards, golf courses and treetops, and deposited them at the George Town landfill, according to the latest figures from the Department of Environment.

115 new hunters sign up to aid cull

With the invasive lizards becoming harder to find as numbers dwindle, the Department of Environment put out an appeal to recruit new cullers, resulting in 115 additional people becoming licensed.

Heat-sensing cameras used to search for iguanas

The Department of Environment experimented with the technology when a team of visiting scientists came to Grand Cayman last year. Thermal imaging cameras have been used for some time to spot birds and mammals, but it was not known if the technology could work on cold-blooded reptiles.

Cullers eradicate a quarter of Cayman’s green iguanas

Despite a seasonal slowdown, the green iguana cull total crept beyond the 300,000 mark over the Christmas and New Year holiday period.

Letter: A tourist’s view of the great iguana cull

I can see that the first couple of weeks of the iguana cull will produce the most numbers but as the easy ones are picked off, the real work will begin. I just hope that hunters do not clash over prime iguana producing territory!

EDITORIAL – First days: Mulling the culling debut

What appears to be going on is the result of a less-than-clear instruction from Fred Burton, head of the DoE’s terrestrial resources unit and leader of the culling project.

Nice car

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Police: Special firearms license needed for iguana cullers

Participants in the green iguana cull will need to apply for a special license if they plan on using an air rifle to hunt the invasive species, even if they possess an existing firearms license, the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service pointed out in an advisory Thursday.

Cornwall Consulting to manage green iguana cull

Cayman Islands company Cornwall Consulting has been selected to manage the islandwide green iguana cull project following a competitive bidding process involving five firms, government announced Wednesday.

Hundreds sign up for green iguana cull

Almost 350 people registered to take part in Grand Cayman’s islandwide green iguana cull.

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