Participants in the green iguana cull will need to apply for a special license if they plan on using an air rifle to hunt the invasive species, even if they possess an existing firearms license, the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service pointed out in an advisory Thursday.

Cullers who apply for the special license will be able to use air rifles of .22 or .25 caliber and they will be able to use the weapon to cull iguanas within 40 yards of a public road.

The license granted by the RCIPS for this purpose will provide an exemption from Section 18 of the Firearms Law.

Cayman’s Department of Environment hopes to cull a million green iguanas in the next year, and it has agreed to pay registered cullers $4.50 for every iguana culled, rising to $5 a head if they meet monthly and annual quota targets.

More than 340 people have signed up to be registered cullers. The cull begins on Monday, Oct. 29.

The RCIPS said Thursday those cullers are required to apply for a special license to use firearms whether or not they already possess a firearms license. An exception to this will be for landowners who already have a firearms license and who will be culling iguanas on their own property, in accordance with the conditions of their license.

Applications for a firearms license will take about two weeks, and cullers should drop them off in person to the RCIPS’s Security and Firearms Licensing Unit at Windjammer Plaza on Walkers Road.

Cullers applying for the special license can download a Form C application and submit it in person to the Security and Firearms Licensing Unit office. Those who have never had a firearms license in Cayman will also need to complete Form A as well.

“We support the DoE’s mission to manage the population of invasive species on island and appreciate that air rifles can be the most efficient way to do that,” said Superintendent Adrian Seales, who oversees the Security and Firearms Licensing Unit of the RCIPS. “However, there are strict requirements for holding a firearms license which must be complied with. We will do our best to expedite the process wherever possible, but there will be no relaxing of the requirements.”

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