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Lionfish cull tournament this weekend

There may be COVID and hurricane season to deal with, but that doesn't stop invasive lionfish from breeding, so the Cayman United Lionfish League...

No vacation

Iguana cullers reminded to renew firearms licences

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service’s Security and Firearms Licensing Unit is reminding the public that the special firearms licences issued to cullers registered with the 2018-2019 green iguana cull project have expired and need to be renewed.

Trespass concerns remain as iguana cull begins

Those behind the 2020 green iguana cull say they will be going into communities to seek permission from homeowners to help reduce complaints of trespass.

1 million green iguanas culled

The green iguana culling mission hit a landmark on Thursday when the one millionth of the invasive species was deposited at the George Town landfill.

Green iguana culling figures

Cullers have taken a total of 973,316 green iguanas to the George Town landfill for disposal since the cull began in October last year.

Botanic Park to close for day of culling

For the first time, the management of the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park is seeking official help to cull green iguanas.

Iguana cull warning as stray shot hits home

The window of a Grand Cayman home was shattered by a stray shot, believed to be from a green iguana cull team, prompting a new safety warning over the ongoing cull.

Iguana cullers have hearty week to open September

Cayman’s cullers took 14,844 green iguanas out of the ecosystem last week, marking their most successful period in more than two months.

Iguana cull numbers approach 850,000

For the sixth week in a row, Grand Cayman’s green iguana cullers have turned in fewer than 10,000 iguanas to the George Town landfill.

Another down week for iguana cullers

Last week, cullers removed 9,011 invasive green iguanas from Grand Cayman, the lowest number in a single week since the culling project began in October last year.

Culled iguanas surpass 800,000

Following more than two months of consistently strong results, Grand Cayman’s green iguana cullers delivered fewer than 13,000 culled iguanas to the George Town landfill last week. Still, that was enough to boost the total number of culled iguanas past the 800,000 mark.

Iguana cull total surpasses 700,000

Grand Cayman’s green iguana cullers delivered nearly 24,000 reptiles to the George Town landfill last week, bringing the total number of culled iguanas past 700,000 over 32 weeks.

Cullers put a dent in lionfish invasion

More than 500 lionfish were removed from reefs around Grand Cayman in the latest Cayman United Lionfish League tournament to target the invasive predators.

Iguana cullers keep up the pace

Grand Cayman’s green iguana cullers delivered more than 24,000 reptiles to the George Town landfill last week, making it the fifth time in the past six weeks that they culled more than 22,000 iguanas.

Iguana cull passes 660,000

Grand Cayman’s green iguana cullers turned in another strong performance last week, delivering more than 22,000 of the invasive lizards to the George Town landfill.
More than a million green iguanas have been culled since late October 2018.

Iguana cull surpasses 570,000

Last week, cullers removed more than 22,000 green iguanas from Grand Cayman.The total number of iguanas culled during the first 26 weeks of the Department of Environment’s programme stands at 571,012 as of April 27.

Iguana cull surpasses 520,000

Last week, cullers removed more than 16,000 green iguanas from Grand Cayman.

DoE seeks more iguana cullers

As the number of green iguanas culled passes the half million mark, the Department of Environment is looking for more cullers to join the hunt.

Cullers nearing 500,000 iguana mark

Last week, cullers removed 7,710 green iguanas from Grand Cayman, according to initial results from the Department of Environment.

Iguana cull hits 439,000

Last week, cullers removed more than 10,000 green iguanas from Grand Cayman. The total number of iguanas culled during the first 18 weeks of the Department of Environment’s program stands at 439,000, as of March 2.

412,000 iguanas culled in 16 weeks

Last week cullers removed nearly 14,000 green iguanas from Grand Cayman. That brings the total number of iguanas culled to more than 412,000, over the 16-week lifespan of the project.

Iguana cull hits 400,000 mark

Another 19,000 green iguanas have been culled in the race to eradicate the invasive species from the Cayman Islands.

New bid to bolster iguana cull army

With the law of diminishing returns beginning to impact Grand Cayman’s great green iguana cull, officials are making a new plea for people to get involved.

Cullers eradicate a quarter of Cayman’s green iguanas

Despite a seasonal slowdown, the green iguana cull total crept beyond the 300,000 mark over the Christmas and New Year holiday period.

Green iguana cull total passes 275,000

Heading into the Christmas and New Year’s holidays, Grand Cayman’s iguana hunters pushed the total of culled lizards past the 275,000 mark.

Iguana cull continues to pay dividends

Cullers continue to keep up the pressure on the invasive green iguanas. Another 30,271 culled lizards were dropped off at the landfill site last week.

Iguana cull total passes 200,000 mark

Licensed cullers turned in another 32,301 green iguana carcasses last week.

Number of culled iguanas approaches 200,000

Through five weeks of the Department of Environment’s cull of invasive green iguanas in Grand Cayman, cullers had killed more than 193,000 iguanas as of Saturday, Dec. 1.

More than 160,000 iguanas culled in first month

The weekly numbers have been decreasing since the first week, when 53,464 iguanas were delivered to the George Town landfill.

Letter: A tourist’s view of the great iguana cull

I can see that the first couple of weeks of the iguana cull will produce the most numbers but as the easy ones are picked off, the real work will begin. I just hope that hunters do not clash over prime iguana producing territory!

CUC warns iguana cullers about power lines

The Caribbean Utilities Company is warning green iguana cullers to exercise “extreme caution” around electricity poles and power lines while they are hunting the animals.

Day one of cull nets nearly 14,000 iguanas

Cullers delivered 13,819 green iguanas to the George Town landfill Monday as the first day of an islandwide cull to help rid Grand Cayman of the invasive species got under way.

EDITORIAL – To Grand Cayman’s green iguana cullers: Happy (and safe) hunting

With the project set to begin officially on Monday at 8 a.m. sharp, it seems that officials have done their best to get all their administrative ducks in a row. Next up: One million green iguanas.

Police: Special firearms license needed for iguana cullers

Participants in the green iguana cull will need to apply for a special license if they plan on using an air rifle to hunt the invasive species, even if they possess an existing firearms license, the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service pointed out in an advisory Thursday.

Cornwall Consulting to manage green iguana cull

Cayman Islands company Cornwall Consulting has been selected to manage the islandwide green iguana cull project following a competitive bidding process involving five firms, government announced Wednesday.

Hundreds sign up for green iguana cull

Almost 350 people registered to take part in Grand Cayman’s islandwide green iguana cull.

Iguana cull registration begins Monday

The Department of Environment will begin registering cullers next week with the aim of starting its massive nationwide green iguana cull by the end of the month.

Iguanas, healthcare costs take toll on budget

Government has voted new funding of $1.9 million for a massive, islandwide iguana cull and $6.5 million to help cover the healthcare costs of uninsured patients.

Poisons regulation to close cat cull loophole

New regulations allowing officials to sanction the poisoning of animals in certain circumstances could pave the way for the resumption of a planned cull of feral cats said to pose a threat to rare seabirds on the Sister Islands.

Iguana cullers seek looser air gun rules

Environment officials are in talks with police in an effort to relax Cayman’s gun regulations in order to fast track new air-rifle permits for an islandwide cull of invasive green iguanas.

DoE ready to launch $9 million iguana cull

The Department of Environment is seeking a contractor to manage a full-scale, multi-year cull of green iguanas that aims to remove 1.4 million of the invasive lizards from Grand Cayman by the end of next year.

Divers cull 224 lionfish in 2-day tournament

Lionfish cullers donned fins and masks and grabbed their spears over the weekend for the latest lionfish tournament. The cullers removed a total of 224 lionfish from Cayman waters over the two-day challenge.

44 respond to call for nationwide iguana cull

A call for iguana hunters and culling businesses to put themselves forward for a nationwide eradication effort attracted 44 responses.

Full-time hunters sought for massive iguana cull

A plea has gone out to hunters in Cayman to put themselves forward for a massive, multi-year iguana-culling program.

The Great Lionfish Caper culling tournament

Lionfish have become the scourge of reefs around the Caribbean, devouring juvenile fish and procreating at an alarming rate.

EDITORIAL – In the ‘Lizard Lotto,’ we’re putting our money on the lizards

One lesson about wars: Don’t declare them if you do not intend to win them.

No solution in sight for iguana control

It will take a dedicated commitment of money and resources to control or eradicate Cayman’s green iguana population, according to Department of Environment experts.
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EDITORIAL – ‘Catfight’ on the Sister Islands

The claws came out last week in discussions about how best to control the Sister Islands’ booming feral cat populations when animal advocates turned to the courts to stop the Department of Agriculture and Department of Environment from culling the strays.

Feral cat challenge questions legality of cull

A legal challenge to the culling of feral cats on the Sister Islands has raised questions about the legality of such animal control methods under Cayman Islands law.

Court halts planned feral cat cull

Two animal welfare groups have obtained an injunction from the Grand Court to halt a planned cull of feral cats believed to pose a threat to native wildlife on the Sister Islands.

Lionfish culling tournament nets 503 fish

The sustained effort to eradicate lionfish from Cayman reefs continued over the weekend, when the Cayman United Lionfish League held its 22nd culling tournament of the invasive species.

EDITORIAL – Lionfish imports: Who’s eating whose lunch?

The following is a serious situation that raises fundamental questions about the free market, regulations and the natural environment, but it’s still difficult to describe without a sprinkling of irony.

Cayman Brac iguana cull nets results

In the latest issue of the Department of Environment’s Flicker newsletter, Research Officer Jane Haakonsson’s update on the fight against green iguanas on the Brac sheds light on the growing problem the island faces from this invasive species.

Registration opens for iguana cull

Volunteer cullers have begun registering to compete for a $1,000 twice-monthly prize in Grand Cayman’s green iguana raffle.

Report reveals staggering scale of iguana problem

Contract hunters would need to cull nearly 200,000 green iguanas per year at an estimated cost of more than $1 million to make an impact on the exponentially increasing population of the invasive species.

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