Volunteer cullers have begun registering to compete for a $1,000 twice-monthly prize in Grand Cayman’s green iguana raffle.

The Department of Environment began inviting residents to register for the raffle on Wednesday.

Starting May 1, registered participants will receive a raffle ticket number for every 10 iguanas they cull, mark and report.

The raffle will be drawn twice per month, starting mid-May, with the initial prize set at $1,000. Prizes could rise each time depending on participation levels, according to DoE officials.

The DoE’s guidelines for raffle entrants states, “Raffle terms will place strict obligations on participants to respect property rights, cull the iguanas humanely, and dispose of carcasses properly. Reporting of culled iguanas must be done by marking the carcasses, photographing them and sending the photos to the cull manager.”

For raffle registration, contact cull manager Sonya Carlesso at 925-1807 or on [email protected]

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