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No more Alpha storms: Greek alphabet retired

Last year's hurricane season, the busiest on record, was only the second time the Greek alphabet was used to name storms as the standard list of names had been exhausted by mid-September. It will also be the last year this happens.

Marine warning remains as Iota moves inland

A marine warning remains in effect for the Cayman Islands through Tuesday and Wednesday as Hurricane Iota continues to move inland through Central America.

‘In the hands of God’: Hurricane Iota smashes into Central America

PUERTO CABEZAS, Nicaragua (Reuters) - Hurricane Iota sent zinc roofing flying into the streets, toppled electricity poles and flayed palm trees as it battered northeastern Nicaragua on Tuesday.

Iota strengthens to Cat 5 hurricane

Hurricane Iota strengthened into a Category 5 hurricane Monday afternoon as it approached the Nicaraguan coast.

Marine warning in effect

A marine warning is in effect for the Cayman Islands Monday as Hurricane Iota continues to strengthen in the Caribbean.

Small craft warning in effect tonight as Iota strengthens

Forecasters say hurricane Iota is expected to strengthen into a major category 4 hurricane within the next 24 hours as it approaches Central America.

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