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Interactive map: Farm to fork in 20,000 miles

With the help of Progressive Distributors, the Cayman Compass tracks some of the main ingredients from farm or factory to our table.

Planes, trucks and freighters: Unravelling the global supply chain that feeds Cayman

As a small island with negligible food production, Cayman relies on a complex global supply chain to keep its stores stocked. A handful of companies source products and produce from across the globe. We take a closer look at how they do it and the multiple factors that drive up costs for Cayman shoppers.

Individual imports expected to set record for holiday season

Customs and Border Control officials registered nearly $130 million worth of incoming goods in November as individual imports by residents reached a record 23,407.

Record merchandise imports in 2019

The Cayman Islands imported a record $1.18 billion worth of goods in 2019. The 13.5% increase over the previous year was driven by both non-petroleum and petroleum related imports, the Economics and Statistics Office reported.

Lockdown shopping fuels rise in imports

Online shopping during the COVID-19 lockdown led to an increase in imports to Cayman, and Customs and Border Control officials say they expect those trends to continue as international travel restrictions remain.

EDITORIAL – Christmas trees: Bugs or humbug?

This year, only 1,500 Christmas trees will be available for sale in Cayman, half the number of the previous year. Something is clearly wrong here.

Value of Cayman imports increase to most since 2008

Cayman imported roughly $876 million worth of goods in 2017, the most since 2008 when $941.9 million of goods were imported here, according to the Economics and Statistics Office’s recently released foreign trade statistics report.

Consumer prices rise 1.7 percent in first quarter

The average cost of goods and services in Cayman has increased by 1.7 percent in the first quarter of this year, the fastest rate in three years. The main drivers of inflation in the consumer price index were the restaurant and hotels category.

With lower oil prices, Cayman imports more gas, cars

Cayman imported more cars and more gasoline to fuel them in 2015 amid sharp declines in oil prices, according to a new report from the Economics and Statistics Office.

Police urge ban on illegal bike imports

Police officers who say they are being swamped with calls on nearly a daily basis about illegally operated motorbikes are urging lawmakers to adopt a ban on the importation of such vehicles which cannot be registered for on-road use.

Prices to rise on some fruits, vegetables as supplies stall

Foster’s Food Fair IGA is warning customers that produce may be in short supply – and pricier than usual – as weather patterns disrupt...

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