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Can HIV-positive people obtain work permits? Government tight-lipped on matter

There has been a long-standing policy in Cayman of denying work permits to people with HIV, but that policy may have changed behind closed doors at some point within the last several years.

Late 2020 new target for mental health facility

More details have emerged on the progress of the mental health facility planned on 15 acres of land in East End.

New Pharmacy Law to require English labels for drugs

An updated Pharmacy Law has been drafted and should be submitted to Cabinet within the next two months to be approved for public consultations, according to Health Ministry Chief Officer Jennifer Ahearn.
Cayman Islands Hospital

Healthcare costs rise as ‘indigent’ population grows

The amount government spends on funding healthcare for uninsured patients will continue to increase, a senior public health official warned Thursday.

DEH director’s settlement remains under wraps

Government has declined to reveal the details of any settlement with former director of Department of Environmental Health Roydell Carter after an open records request from the Cayman Compass.

Cayman patients can get multiple prescriptions for same drug

The Ministry of Health is still working on legislation to replace a nearly 40-year-old Pharmacy Law that, among other things, does not prevent people from using different doctors to obtain multiple prescriptions for the same drug.

EDITORIAL – CINICO CEO fired: Government’s ‘silent treatment’

The government’s cursory announcement of the firing of Lonny Tibbetts (after eight years’ leading CINICO) masquerades as information, but it is actually an insult – to the public’s intelligence, and to the public’s right to know.
Cayman’s current approach to combating mosquitoes consists of aerial spraying by the MRCU plane, above, fogging from trucks, and the release of genetically modified mosquitoes, among other measures.

Cayman seeks new plan to combat mosquitoes

Cayman’s government is searching for a new solution to its mosquito problem.

Public input sought on advance directive bill

The public is being asked to weigh in on proposed legislation on advance directives related to end-of-life care.

House Speaker blocks attempt to bring perjury charge against civil servant

Speaker of the House McKeeva Bush on Wednesday blocked an attempt by political opposition members to bring a contempt of parliament action against government chief officer Jennifer Ahearn.

Manderson: Chief officer did not intentionally deceive PAC

Acting Governor Franz Manderson said there is “no basis” for taking disciplinary action against Health Ministry Chief Officer Jennifer Ahearn for allegedly giving a false answer to the Public Accounts Committee last October.

Government : Roydell Carter not suspended

The leadership of the government department responsible for trash collection and the landfill is in flux, with the director out of office and another senior official resigning from his post.

Extended trash pickups scheduled to address delays

Department of Environmental Health officials say they are ramping up trash pickups in the coming days to address delays in service across the island.

Bodden Town Mission House gets pre-Christmas makeover

The Mission House in Bodden Town got a pre-Christmas makeover Monday by members of the Ministry of Health, Environment, Culture and Housing.

Government trash troubles delay garbage pickups

A staff dispute concerning overtime pay and difficulties with operating some of the government’s garbage trucks have led to delays in trash collection and recommendations for an internal audit at Cayman’s Department of Environmental Health.

For the love of Cayman’s health

“Does anyone have any diet restrictions or things you’re following?” Ritz-Carlton executive pastry chef Melissa Logan asked her audience on Friday at the Cayman Islands Healthcare Conference. “I can tell you, I do.”
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$625,000 paid over pre-2002 medical claim

The Cayman Islands government was forced to pay $625,000 in August over a medical negligence claim that predates 2002. Premier Alden McLaughlin, who is also the health minister, said the payment was “in addition to” other expenditures made in relation to the case.

MLAs demand answers over prisons debacle

Cayman Islands opposition lawmakers have asked that Prisons Director Neil Lavis and the acting chief officer of the Ministry of Home Affairs appear before the Legislative Assembly next week to answer questions about a burgeoning scandal in the prisons service.

Chrissie Tomlinson Hospital to reopen maternity ward

Chrissie Tomlinson Memorial Hospital will reopen its maternity ward sometime in the next couple of months, offering rebuilt rooms, new beds and a luxury environment designed to attract and retain patients.

Public input invited on culture and heritage policy

The Ministry of Health and Culture is inviting the public to comment on a draft plan intended to protect and promote Caymanian culture.

Cabinet approves sending landfill plan out for bids

Cabinet on Tuesday approved a new plan for the George Town landfill, including a waste-to-energy plant to incinerate waste. The new waste management strategy calls for capping the landfill, creating a new recycling facility on the site and reducing the amount of waste going into the landfill by 95 percent.

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