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Cayman Airways adding more Miami and Kingston flights

Cayman Airways has announced it is increasing the frequency of its Miami and Kingston flights, as it confirmed its travel schedule for July.
Chest Hospital shooting

Police search underway after shooting near US embassy in Kingston

Police are searching for a gunman following a shooting at Chest Hospital in Kingston, Jamaica, according to an alert from the US State Department.
All passenger flights in and out of Cayman will be suspended for 3 weeks.

Cayman Airways adds Kingston, Miami flights

Cayman Airways announced five additional repatriation flights for the month of August. Two flights will depart from Grand Cayman to Miami and three will depart from Grand Cayman to Kingston, Jamaica.

Cayman Airways flight to Kingston turned around Sunday

Confusion over the status of Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston continued Sunday as a Cayman Airways plane headed there had to be turned around in mid-flight. Cayman Airways officials said the flight departed Sunday from Grand Cayman after receiving confirmation that Norman Manley Airport would be able to accept it.

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