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Missing boaters found near Honduras

Graham Rankine was going about his business on Wednesday night when he said he received a phone call from a friend in Honduras, who told him he had found two men drifting on the sea near Honduras from the Cayman Islands.

Cayman boater found alive after five weeks at sea

After 44 days adrift at sea, Cayman Islands boater Edward Hendricks Hyde has been found alive off the coast of Mexico.

Two weeks pass, no sign of missing Cayman boaters

Marine Unit water searches for two missing Cayman Islands boaters have ended unless additional information is received, Royal Cayman Islands Police Service officials confirmed last week.

A year after boat tragedy, hope endures

Friends and family of five boaters missing at sea for a year gathered on Seven Mile Beach Tuesday in a tearful tribute to their lost loved ones.

Firefighters may aid search and rescue

Firefighters on Jet Skis could be used to supplement search and rescue efforts around the Cayman Islands following recommendations in a new report. The police Joint Marine Unit is understaffed and underresourced, with a high number of vessels in a “state of disrepair or out of service.”

These are the most-read stories on CaymanCompass.com in 2016

A new Cayman Compass website debuted in January 2016. Here is a list of the most popular stories, measured by total page views, from the past year.

Children lost at sea in boat tragedy

The tragic story of five boaters, including two young children, who went missing at sea in the early part of 2016 contributed to a public backlash against the police that prompted the early departure of Police Commissioner David Baines.

UK Coastguard reviewing Cayman’s search and rescue capabilities

Officers from the United Kingdom Coastguard arrived in the Cayman Islands this week to review the country’s search and rescue capabilities. The police came under fire earlier this year when three men and two boys, ages 9 and 11, went missing at sea and emergency searchers did not deploy until the next morning.

EDITORIAL – Missing boaters: The police, Baines were right

The exoneration of police officers’ actions during the search for the five missing boaters is good news for law enforcement, and therefore good news for our country.

Missing boaters review supports police response

A review of the emergency response to reports of five boaters missing at sea, including two children, found “no major faults” with the police-led search and rescue effort.

Former Speaker, fire chief join search review

Former Speaker of the House Mary Lawrence and former fire chief Kirkland Nixon will join the independent inquiry into the police search and rescue effort for five missing boaters.

EDITORIAL – Missing boaters: The 911 calls that don’t ring true

Lawmakers seem to believe that the inclusion of two Caymanians will aid the investigation into the police response to the five missing boaters and reassure the Cayman Islands community that the inquiry is fair and impartial. We couldn’t disagree more.

NEW: Governor brings in UK coastguard to review missing boaters case

The U.K. Maritime and Coastguard Agency will conduct an independent review of the local police force’s response in a missing persons investigation at sea that occurred in early March.

EDITORIAL – Missing boaters: A regrettable response to the police response

When a tragedy occurs, a natural reaction is to look for reasons … then, failing that — to look for scapegoats.

Independent review will look at police response to missing boaters

The search operation for five missing boaters, including two young children, is now covering an area of 350 square miles of ocean around the Cayman Islands.

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