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Premier Panton vows to revive sexual harassment legislation

Premier Wayne Panton has vowed to bring legislation dealing with sexual harassment to parliament within the next year.

Sexual harassment: An action plan for a better Cayman

Over the past month, the Cayman Compass has shone a light on the issue of sexual harassment in these islands.

Guest column: ‘As girls, we are taught to stay silent’

Cayman has a responsibility to create a safer society for young people coming into the working world, argues Compass guest columnist Aleigha General.

Teen students join call for sexual-harassment awareness

Although they are a few years shy of entering the world of work, Cayman International School students Somerset Lovett, Rosana Stroh and Lily Foster are hoping, by the time they get there, things will be different for women.

HR professionals on the front lines of sexual harassment battle

There is no legislation that compels employers in Cayman to have sexual harassment policies, let alone hold training sessions or workshops for staff.

Police: Sexual harassment likely ‘under-reported’ in Cayman

Police believe sexual harassment is significantly under-reported in the Cayman Islands with just 13 offences recorded in the last year.

The 16-year battle for sexual harassment legislation

Cayman may have a ready-made solution to some of the sexual-harassment concerns highlighted in a Compass special report over the past month, in the form of a draft law that has been on the books for nearly a decade.

The Issue Explained: How legislation could combat sexual harassment

The Sexual Harassment Bill 2012 sought to address some of the issues experienced by women, and in some cases men, in the Cayman community. Here we look at how the law would work.

Five stories of sexual harassment and abuse in the workplace in Cayman

We interviewed five women who have faced different levels of harassment, exploitation, assault and abuses of power in workplaces around Cayman.

Sexism, harassment and indecent proposals in the legal profession

Amy was in a senior position at a small law firm when one of the partners invited her out to lunch to “discuss her future prospects”.

Harassment the norm, say female bartenders

On an almost-daily basis female bartenders in Grand Cayman say they are harassed, groped and offered money for sex by male customers.

Deflecting the unwanted attention of an older boss

As an 18-year-old, Sarah didn’t necessarily see the over-friendly behaviour of her much-older boss as sexual harassment.

Harrowing experience leaves mum’s life in limbo

Three days into her entry-level job at a local firm, Katerina says she was approached by a supervisor with an unusual question.

Pursued and assaulted by respected colleague

As a young woman arriving in the Cayman Islands from overseas, Maria says she was naive and vulnerable to men who exploited her situation under the guise of friendship.

Red Cross: ‘Cayman must tackle sexual harassment and abuse’

The Cayman Islands is overdue for an honest “reckoning” of the level of sexual harassment and sexual abuse in the community, according to Red Cross deputy director Carolina Ferreira.
Sexual Harassment

Compass special report: Sexual harassment is rife in Cayman

Sexual harassment is both extremely common and chronically underreported in the Cayman Islands, the findings of a Cayman Compass project suggest.

“I had to keep quiet because my life felt threatened”

The Cayman Compass asked readers to come forward with stories of sexual harassment on the islands. The response was overwhelming.

Editorial: Time’s up for dealing with sexual harassment

Cayman is far behind most countries in recognising, combatting and protecting its people against sexual harassment.

Survey: Sexual harassment in Cayman

The Cayman Compass is working on a series about sexual harassment in Cayman. We invite our readers to participate in a survey to better understand your experiences. You will also have the opportunity to share your story anonymously.

Sexual harassment law still in limbo

Sexual harassment and its effects continue to be an issue for many in the workplace, yet legislation making this a criminal offence in Cayman remains in draft format after eight years.

UCCI updating sexual harassment policy

In the wake of a former lecturer being convicted on sex crime charges, the University College of the Cayman Islands is revamping its policy on sexual harassment.

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