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Survey: 13% of tourism stipend workers have full-time jobs

Just over half of the people receiving a monthly tourism stipend from government are employed, though many are working far fewer hours than before COVID, a survey of recipients shows.
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Water-sports operators concerned over grant rejections

Struggling water-sports operators say they are being turned down for financial aid as they strive to keep their businesses afloat.
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Government extends tourism stipend until June 2021

Tourism Minister Moses Kirkconnell announced the extension of the $1,000 monthly stipend for displaced workers in the tourism industry until June 2021.

New registration opportunity for tourism stipend

Starting Monday, Caymanian tourism workers displaced by COVID-19, who have not yet registered, can apply for government's monthly $1,000 stipend. 

Gov’t awaits sign-off of funding for tourism worker stipend

The government's Finance Committee is expected to approve funding for a three-month extension of a $1,000-a-month stipend for tourism workers who lost their jobs because of COVID-19.

Tourism stipend registration reopens

Workers who lost their jobs in the tourism sector and who are not already receiving a government stipend can now apply for the $1,000-a-month financial assistance. Applicants have until the end of this month to register.

Gov’t to pay out more tourism-worker stipends

Jobless tourism workers who missed the deadline to register for stipends from the government can still apply for financial assistance when registration reopens on...

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