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Business in the eastern districts – ‘We’re dying out here’

Attributes of fewer crowds and more peace and tranquility have come back to haunt the eastern part of Grand Cayman, as the total absence of stayover visitors and cruise tourists is hitting businesses hard.

Cayman’s restaurants reopen for outdoor service

Cayman Islands residents ventured out to restaurants and bars on Sunday for the first time since coronavirus lockdown measures began in March.

First birds released from new parrot sanctuary

In a lush green setting in East End, a dozen Cayman parrots are being rehabilitated, ready to be returned to the wild.

Emergency responders give CPR lessons

Emergency Medical Services staff taught members of the public last week how to perform hands-only CPR and how to stop bleeding, as part of an education initiative.

Chefs seek to put iguana on menu

Cayman Islands chefs are hoping to turn green iguana into a marketable food source in an effort to make better use of the thousands of culled animals currently being disposed of at the landfill.

Day one of cull nets nearly 14,000 iguanas

Cullers delivered 13,819 green iguanas to the George Town landfill Monday as the first day of an islandwide cull to help rid Grand Cayman of the invasive species got under way.

East End travels south of the border

Hayman Island is located on the northern tip of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, approximately 10,000 miles from the Cayman Islands. That short geography lesson is the origin of a most interesting story.

Why Christmas dinner when — you can Christmas brunch?

Here are the finer details of all the festive brunches happening this Holiday season.

Cullers call for lionfish import ban

Some lionfish cullers are calling for a ban on the import of the invasive fish to force restaurants in the Cayman Islands to buy local.

Tukka wines and dines in East End

Before Penfolds’ signature Grange earned its status as an iconic red wine, the Australian Shiraz almost faded into oblivion.

A bird in the hand

The sight of frigate birds soaring over East End has long been a draw for tourists and locals alike.

Where to ring in the New Year?

Fireworks, bubbly and party tunes – Cayman knows how to party and New Year’s Eve is no exception, with a score of exciting events happening across the island. From Michelin-starred dining to barefoot on the beach, there’s something for everyone. So where are you going to be when the clock strikes midnight?

Business targets green iguanas for export

A Cayman Islands business is processing iguanas for sale to local restaurants and seeking an export license to sell the food as a delicacy to clients in the United States.

‘Out of the Kitchen’ and into the ballroom

If you have never attended “Out of the Kitchen” in The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman’s ballroom and hosted by the resort and the Cayman Culinary Society, you don’t know what you’re missing.

Tukka serves up a whopper of a catch

An East End restaurant has recently reached an impressive milestone as a lionfish dining destination. Efforts to tackle the invasive lionfish problem headed up by owner and head chef Ron Hargrave of Tukka restaurant have made the establishment a top choice for diners interested in trying the delicious fish.

Taste trials take iguana from tree to plate

Tukka bar and restaurant on the oceanside in East End has garnered a reputation as a place where people go to try new things – kangaroo filet mignon, an ostrich steak, a lionfish taco.

8 brunch options for this Easter Sunday

Whether it’s at Christmas time, on birthdays or anniversaries, or just regular Sundays, Cayman residents like to brunch. And why wouldn’t they, with such a variety of brunching options to choose from island-wide? The Easter weekend provides yet another opportunity for breaking bread with family or friends, and here are some choices of venues.

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