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UK wants students to be able to go home for Christmas despite COVID

The British government wants university students to be able to return home for Christmas, culture minister Oliver Dowden said on Sunday, amid concerns that restrictions on movement may be needed to curb the rising number of coronavirus cases.

Mixed emotions as 270 Indian nationals depart Cayman

It was a bittersweet moment for many of the 270 Indian nationals as they left Grand Cayman Friday on the first Indian airbridge flight organized by the Governor’s Office and Cayman Islands government.

Premier to tackle EU blacklist in UK

Premier Alden McLaughlin will begin a series of meetings in London this week with UK leaders as he moves to build on relations across the pond to champion Cayman’s reputation.

Britain makes its exit from EU

Britian leaves the European Union Friday, commencing its 11-month transition from the bloc.

Opposition leader responds to constitutional changes

Opposition Leader Arden McLean has said he has yet to be briefed on the constitutional changes proposed by the UK.

Premier: Cayman/UK constitutional changes ‘unstuck’

Premier Alden McLaughlin said the UK is set to issue its proposal in response to government’s constitutional changes package.

UK governance

UK governance — our editorial cartoon

EDITORIAL – Needed: A report from our woman in Brussels

The reality is that international investing and commerce, which constitute the vast majority of what takes place in the financial sector in these islands, do not require a huge physical presence.

EDITORIAL – Britain vs. Cayman: A lack of transparency on financial transparency

The secretive row is indicative of – potentially an eroding relationship between country and colony – but at minimum an absolute breakdown of communications … between the FCO and our government, and between Mr. Toon’s agency and our watchdogs.

Mitchell: Great moments in British government

Government should only step in when there’s a threat to life, liberty, or property. Sadly, the British government is policing speech, perhaps even speech that should be considered totally benign.

EDITORIAL – ‘Reign-y’ days: UK restraint vs. direct rule

British lawmakers have fired a first shot, but there may be more than one bullet in that gun.

EDITORIAL – UK wins ‘war’ against EU … then surrenders

Perhaps half-hearted Brexit officials secretly hope, if they manage to bungle the negotiations sufficiently, that the people of the U.K. will change their minds about leaving the EU.

EDITORIAL – Yet another Brussels blunder

From one financial services-dependent jurisdiction to another, we in the Cayman Islands can certainly commiserate with the frustration that people in Ireland may feel at the latest economic assault from Brussels.

Bloomberg: Moving UK, EU ever closer to Brexit

Nobody said quitting the European Union would be easy.

Dixey: Brexit – ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’

It was not supposed to be this way. The script was for “Remain” to win with a narrow majority; the high “Leave” vote merely giving the European Union a bloody nose.

Krauthammer: Brexit – Sovereign Kingdom or little England?

Brexit was an assertion of national sovereignty and an attempt, in one fell swoop, to recover it. There is much to admire in that impulse. But at what cost?

EDITORIAL – Vote ‘yes’ for Brexit … Now what?

The people of the United Kingdom voted “Yes” to leave the European Union. But the more pressing question remains unanswered: Who will lead the U.K. out of the EU?

Morici: Britain’s economy after Brexit

This is no time to sell the United Kingdom short.

EDITORIAL – ‘Let’s vote on it …’ No, let’s not!

The Brexit decision should have been made by the U.K.’s elected representatives, not by individual voters in polling booths throughout the nation.

Brexit response not robust enough

The government must take this issue of the U.K.’s exit from the EU as a very serious matter ….

UPDATE: Cameron to resign after Britain votes to leave EU

British voters have defied the will of their leaders, foreign allies, experts and much of the political establishment by opting to rupture this country's primary connection to Europe in a stunning result that will radiate vast economic, political and security uncertainty across the globe.

Mody: Drop the ‘Brexit’ panic talk

The doomsday narrative of British Prime Minister David Cameron, the Bank of England and their official friends around the world is setting a course for a self-fulfilling financial panic.


Hammond: Even if Cameron wins the Brexit vote, he loses

Andrew Hammond Nobody doubts that a vote to leave the EU on June 23 could bring enormous change in Britain’s relationship with Europe and its...

Morici: UK should vote to leave EU

The EU suffers from chronic slow growth thanks to a smothering bureaucracy and single currency that fits the needs of the continental economy like stilettos on a ballerina.
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Bershidsky: EU could live without UK

There are two sides to any divorce, and the relatively passive partner – in this case the EU – must also consider the impact of losing Britain.

Premier: ‘Beneficial ownership’ agreement finalized with UK

The Cayman Islands government and the United Kingdom announced Monday a new agreement on accessing company ownership information, that has been in the works since 2013.

Legal advice sought on ‘direct rule’ threat

The Cayman Islands government has engaged “top constitutional counsel” to challenge any potential threat of the U.K. taking “direct rule” of its territories.

Tea Time

Report highlights market risks of Brexit

The Association for Financial Markets in Europe said the capital markets industry may relocate some activities if the U.K. votes to leave the European Union, in a referendum on June 23.

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