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Conch, whelk season closes until November

Anyone possessing, attempting to sell or attempting to buy locally caught conch or whelks during the closed seasons will face prosecution under the National Conservation Law, according to the Department of Environment.

Conch and whelk season opens

Thursday, Nov. 1, is the official opening of conch and whelk season in the Cayman Islands. The season has been closed for the past seven months.

Police make arrests for whelk poaching, ganja

A man and woman were arrested at Kaibo Public Beach Thursday for allegedly taking marine life from a marine park out of season.

Conch, whelk, lobster and game bird seasons close

The Department of Environment is reminding the public that the season for taking conch, whelk, lobster or game birds is now closed.

Lobster season closes

Cayman’s annual three-month lobster season ended Wednesday, Feb. 28. The closed season runs from March 1 to Nov. 30.

Conch, whelk season opens in Cayman waters

Conch and whelk season opens Nov. 1 in the Cayman Islands. Those interested in fishing these marine gastropods should adhere to legal limits to avoid poaching, the Department of Environment advised.

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