A festive mood at Cayman National

If the festive spirit had been lacking beforehand it certainly wouldn’t have been afterwards for anyone who attended Cayman National Corporation’s Home for Christmas event Thursday evening.

The combination of beautiful hymns, Christmas carols, music, prayers, stories, twinkling lights, Santa hats and even an appearance by Santa Claus himself, all served to promote a wonderfully spirited Christmas mood in the festive looking car park at the back of the building.

The wonderful occasion took place as Cayman National comes to the end of its 30th anniversary year.

The atmospheric setting was greatly complemented by The Wesleyan Christian Academy Band and Choir who provided a diverse selection of hymns, carols and songs.

Cayman National’s own soloists Ms Cynthia Arie and Ms Mercita Dunkley gave beautiful renditions of Christmas songs while Executive Assistant Claudia Welds paid tribute, through a beautiful poem, ‘Christmas without You’ to colleague and friend Josephine Evans who passed away recently.

National song Beloved Isle Cayman was performed well by student Jamesette Anglin. Ms Deborah Humphreys led the Christmas prayer and Julie Hunter recited the poem ‘A Saviour is Born’.

CEO of Cayman National Corporation Stuart Dack pointed out the importance of recognising those who help others at this time of year.

Mr. Dack then made presentations to four such organisations: Cayman Hospice Care, the NCVO, the Cayman Islands Special Olympics and the Sunrise Adult Training Centre.

Ms Welds also made a presentation on behalf of the company to the Wesleyan Christian Academy Band and Choir.

President of Cayman National Bank, Mr. Ormond Williams urged all to be thankful for having been spared during Hurricane Ivan.

Refreshments and presents for children were provided afterwards, giving all a chance to mingle and discuss the wonderful journey through the Christmas story they had just experienced.

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