Police restructured today

The organizational structure of the Royal Cayman Islands Police has changed.

Under the new plan, which was put in place today, there will be a clear two part division of responsibilities headed by a chief superintendent.

The chief superintendents will be supported by experienced senior police commanders and support personnel. Reporting will be made to Deputy Commissioner of Police Rudolph Dixon and the Assistant Commissioner of Police Anthony Ennis, states a letter from Police Commissioner Buel Braggs.

Chief Superintendent Derek Haines will assume the portfolio of responsibilities under Operations, which includes uniform patrols, criminal investigation and drug task force, financial crimes and other ancillary services. He reports to Mr. Ennis.

Chief Superintendent David Gooding has the portfolio of Management Services, which includes human resources including police recruiting and training, succession planning and development, risk management and estate/capital strategy, internal audit, annual report, service policies and procedures and ancillary services. He reports to Mr. Dixon.

Also under the new plan, Mr. Dixon assumes the role of commissioner when Mr. Braggs is absent.

The commissioner’s letter states the decision to restructure came as a result of a two-day retreat recently to look at the lessons learned from Hurricane Ivan.

The changes were made, stated the letter, to help the department and the country ‘maintain the enviable image of the Cayman Islands as a peaceful place to live, work, visit and a secure place to maintain an international financial centre, including conditions of service for its employees that will attract and retain suitably qualified police officers, in particular Caymanians.’

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