Beach eroded following storms

A section of Seven Mile Beach, just north of the Courtyard Marriott beach has become badly eroded following a recent spate of storms.

The area of erosion becomes particularly bad just north of the Courtyard Marriott’s beach for a stretch of beach about 200 to 300 feet. In this area the erosion is at least four feet deep, dropping down steeply near to the shoreline.

According to Director of the Department of Environment Ms Gina Ebanks-Petrie, this area of beach has always been a very high area of erosion.

‘Sometimes the erosion there is taller than I am and I’m 5 feet 10 inches,’ she said.

The area, she explained has lots of movement of sand and is one spot that the Department would be very reluctant to encourage anyone to build anything on.

The erosion is a result of wave climate, most recently linked to a spate of Nor’westers.

According to Ms Ebanks-Petrie, as a result of Hurricane Ivan, beaches have not lost their width of sand, but have suffered through loss of height.

‘The result of Ivan was to take the sand off the beach. We lost volume through height. We’ve been trying to replace the sand with MC Restoration and this has been ongoing for the past several weeks,’ she said.

As for tree stumps lying on the beaches, Ms Ebanks Petrie said it is the responsibility of property owners to dispose of these and the Department of Environment is encouraging anyone with vegetation that may grow again, such as Sea Grape Trees, to allow it to do so.

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