Food spoiling

The Department of Environmental Health is appealing to food establishments to collect chilled food containers from the Port Cargo Distribution Centre at Industrial Park within the first half hour of arrival notification.

Failure to do so may result in the DEH condemning the food items, states a GIS press release.

The department warns that once food items are chilled, they should not be left in unacceptable temperatures for long periods since thawing increases the risk of bacteria. There is also no guarantee that product quality will remain once proper chilled temperatures have been compromised. Multiple consignee containers, in which various food establishments import items in a single container, are of particular concern.

‘Items such as meats, vegetables, and fruits should not be at the distribution centre for hours waiting for different consignees to collect them,’ says DEH Food Officer Gideon Simms. ‘This practice will not be tolerated as there are serious public health implications, especially with food items that are not necessarily cooked before being served.’ He adds that is also important that food be kept refrigerated when being transported from the port.

For more information, contact the Department of Environmental Health at 949-6696.

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