BREAKING NEWS: Steve Manderson caught

Perennial prison escapee Steve Manderson is back behind bars this morning.

In what the RCIP High-Command describes as a textbook operation, a 12-man police team drawn from the RCIP key Specialist Support Units recaptured him without incident in the vicinity of Grand Harbour while traveling in a motor vehicle en route to George Town yesterday about 8.30pm.

A small quantity of vegetable matter resembling ganja was found on his person.

The Director of Prisons was contacted and arrangements were made for his immediate return to HM (Northward) Prison where he will continue to serve his sentence for murder.

Further investigations are under way to determine what crimes, if any, he might have committed while on the run, including unlawful escape.

Manderson was serving a life sentence for killing a prison guard in the 1980s.

His escape from the prison 14 September was his fifth.

The Commissioner of Police and his Senior Management Team are extremely pleased with the unwavering efforts and tenacity by the officers involved in this operation over the last several months to search for and apprehend Manderson, states an RCIP press release. Their efforts and professionalism are a credit to their loyal service and the resolve of the RCIP to bring to justice those who seek to disrupt our way of life as a law-abiding society.

The Director of Prisons also contacted the Commissioner of Police to offer his appreciation and congratulations to the RCIP and the officers responsible for the recapture of Manderson.

Due to the ongoing investigations, including the fact that Manderson’s accomplice at the time of his escape are subjects of further police enquires no further details can be released at this time.

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