WestStar, WestTel make a new move

Digital cable TV company, WestStar, and telecommunications company, WestTel Limited, have announced two new sales and service locations to provide faster and more convenient service.

The new locations are based at PC Powerhouse stores in the West Shore Centre on Seven Mile Beach, and on Walker’s Road. These sites will focus on serving customers who wish to sign up for new services or pay their digital cable or internet bills, states a press release.

The public can now use or try out WestStar’s digital TV and WestTel’s high-speed internet services, which are currently available at more than 40 workstations in PC Powerhouse, thanks to a recent partnership between the three companies. PC Powerhouse patrons can enjoy WestStar TV’s basic digital channel line-up package, consisting of 34 top-rated channels, as well as WestTel’s high-speed internet access.

PC Powerhouse CEO, David Shibli said, ‘PC Powerhouse aims to provide a greater point of contact for the public to take advantage of WestTel and WestStar services. I envisage a very successful relationship between our companies ultimately resulting in a better customer experience.’

WestStar Operations Manager, Richard Corbin said, ‘Subscriptions to our new digital TV service have grown rapidly. It is important to us that, with this expansion, we continue to provide the best possible customer service. PC Powerhouse is a convenient and accessible location for many residents to pay their bills or take advantage of our service.’

WestTel Sales and Marketing Director, Shane Rutherford, added, ‘I am extremely satisfied with the positive feedback we have received about our internet service from PC Powerhouse customers and welcome all to test our unmatched performance for themselves.’

PC Powerhouse Walker’s Road is open 8am to 9pm Monday to Saturday, 9am to 9pm Sunday. The West Shore location is open 9am to 10pm Monday to Saturday and 10am to 10pm Sunday.