Cayman losing heritage

It is a sad thing that we as Caymanians cannot appreciate the history of our island.

I was shocked to hear that yet another of our historic buildings is in jeopardy; namely, the Govenor’s Residence on Seven Mile Beach. How long will it take us to realise that in many cases that new is not necessarily better?

That the Government is considering building a new mansion is not what I find to be most outraging, but the possibility that the current residence might end up being used as a themed restaurant is as undignified an end to its legacy that I can think of. How many more of our landmark buildings must fall in the name of money making?

Once the restaurant has inevitably failed there will be no other alternative than to sell the property to a wealthy investor at the full market value of the beach front property that it is…or wait a minute, is that not the idea? There is a lesson for our children that is more valuable than how to make a quick buck, and that is how to respect their heritage, pay homage to where they came from and to appreciate our island for what it is, not just its dollar value. They will be the ones in the end who suffer for it, when what is left is a cloned suburb of Miami, whose tourists have left in search of some authentic island experience.

Name withheld by request.