WestStar keeps customers in mind

At WestStar our customers are our top priority and, as such, I would like to respond to the letter printed Thursday, February 24 in the Caymanian Compass, titled ‘Practice proves monopolies unfair’.

The author of the letter has combined two separate points, one being installation and the other being service and questioned why a customer would have to pay an installation fee to move a cable box from one room to another.

In the interests of our customers, it is our policy not to activate cable outlets which do not have a box connected to them. This is to ensure that the cable box and system is set up correctly by our qualified technicians, therefore minimizing the chance of a customer-caused service fault and ensuring the service they receive is of the standard they have come to expect from WestStar.

Should a customer order two or more cable boxes at the same time, they will not be charged any more than the standard installation fee for one box. However, to add an additional cable box at a later date will incur a $50 installation charge for our technician to come out and ensure the box is correctly installed. Of course, if customers experience a fault with their cable service we will be more than pleased to repair it at no charge.

I would also like to clarify that WestStar TV is not a monopoly, with competition from grey market satellite dish systems, DVD and video rentals, and other forms of entertainment. However, thanks to the quality and choice of Digital Cable television we have consistently led the market. We aim to continue this tradition by paying even closer attention to our customers’ needs.

I hope this helps clarify our position for this customer.

Richard Corbin Operations Manager, WestStar TV Ltd.