Rudolph Dixon responds

I write in response to a Compass article on Wednesday, 9 March, headlined ‘Court finds police brutality, three found not guilty’, and the same edition’s editorial titled ‘Police brutality’.

First and foremost, I wish to inform the public that the police consider the allegations, if substantiated, to be a serious violation of good order and police discipline, and gross misconduct on the part of any member of the RCIPS who participated in the same.

The police will act decisively to investigate and take appropriate action in respect of any officer found to have committed any such acts and, as is consistent with our overall public duty, we will be completely transparent with the results of our investigation.

I am unable at this time to speak directly to the nature of the allegations, particularly because the matter is now being investigated and may become subjudice.

However, the public must be made aware that even though these allegations were made in the context of court proceedings — and some were apparently made by the learned trial judge — they are nevertheless only allegations. The officers accused are innocent until proven guilty and must be afforded the same rights and privileges of any private citizen accused of a crime or misconduct.

Rudolph Dixon, Acting Commissioner of Police

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