CUC donates to school programme

Caribbean Utilities Company (CUC) recently made a donation to Prospect Primary School to help supply items for its Merit Store which rewards students in the popular ‘Don’t Slip Up’ programme.

Established a few years ago by Principal Michael Walker, the programme encourages and rewards good behaviour, states a press release.

It consists of different coloured slips which represent rules: follow directions, use time wisely; walk safely and quietly; raise your hand and respect yourself and others.

Students who practice good behaviour and avoid breaking any of the rules gain a punch at the end of the day on specially designed cards. A punch is worth 10 points and the card is good for 10 punches totaling 100 points.

Once the student has completed the card, he or she can shop at the Merit Store and get smaller 100-point items or save the card, gain more punches and go for the more extravagant and expensive items such as a bicycle or electronic game system.

Students who ‘slip up’ and break any of the rules receive the corresponding coloured slip, which does not allow them to obtain a punch at the end of the day. This incentive-based programme teaches students that if they exercise good discipline they will be rewarded.

Following his participation in the school’s ‘Readers are Leaders’ programme on Friday, 18 March – another inspirational programme created by Principal Walker and Prospect Primary’s Reading Specialist Lydia Murphy – CUC’s Executive Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer, Richard Hew, along with members of the company’s Community Involvement Team, toured the school and the Merit Store with Principal Walker.

‘It’s a wonderful programme and obviously effective to anyone visiting the school,’ commented Mr. Hew after viewing the impressive array of items offered by the Store. ‘CUC is committed to providing a positive and lasting influence in the lives of our youth.’

CUC’s contribution will go towards re-stocking the Merit Store, which, like any other well-shopped store, needs constant replenishing. With a school population of more than 200 students ranging from ages four-and-a-half to nine, shelves become empty very quickly.

‘We are extremely pleased that CUC decided to assist us with the purchase of items for our Merit Store. Without the kind assistance from companies such as CUC, it would be difficult to keep the ‘Don’t Slip Up’ programme running smoothly,’ said Principal Walker in thanking CUC for its contribution.

Commenting on Mr. Hew’s assistance with the School’s ‘Readers are Leaders’ programme, the Principal added, ‘The school is very thankful that Mr. Hew took time out of his busy schedule to participate in the reading programme. The boys and girls appreciated his visit and I’m certain he had a positive impact on all the students especially Year 4 Lawe, the class he read to.’

The CUC contingent touring the school were further impressed to learn that the popular ‘Don’t Slip Up’ programme had been initiated in a number of other primary schools including East End, North Side, and Bodden Town Primaries with John A. Cumber Primary in West Bay set to join the fold in September.

CUC encourages other organisations to support other schools in their endeavours to help young people achieve excellence, the release said.

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