Two missing at sea

A major search was undertaken by Captain Kel Thompson in the family’s private plane this week for his 85-year-old uncle Beatty Thompson who is missing at sea.

As the Caymanian Compass went to press, Beatty Thompson and fellow crewman Bensley Scott, 69, had not been found after they failed to reach Grand Cayman from Florida.

The pair had left Pensacola, Florida, 4 April and were due to reach Cayman 9 April.

They were aboard the 38ft sports fishing vessel ‘Re-Run,’ which Mr. Thompson had purchased in Pensacola and was sailing home.

Mr. Thompson’s brother, Norberg, said they had alerted the authorities when the boat did not show up.

‘At first we weren’t worried because Beatty said he might stop and do some fishing on the way,’ he said.

‘My son Kel has now been out twice in the plane looking for them but to no avail.’
Members of the Royal Cayman Island Police force were also aboard the twin-engine aircraft to help with the search.

The US Coastguard was searching just west of the cape of San Antonio in the eastern area of the Gulf of Mexico.

And Cuban and Mexican authorities had also been informed of the missing vessel.

‘He might be drifting somewhere off the Mexican coast, they had a lot of food with them but they might have run out of fuel,’ said Mr. Norberg Thompson.

His brother is an experienced seaman who lived most of his life in the US and had recently returned home to live in Grand Cayman.

Mr. Scott is understood to be originally from Cayman Brac, but now living in West Bay, Grand Cayman.

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