Court House bomb threats made

Staff at the Law Courts Building have received two telephoned bomb threats in two days.

The first call came after 1pm on Wednesday, when most of the courts had already adjourned. Police were notified. They attended and checked the premises.

The second call was received minutes after 10am yesterday. Police attended and again carried out their checks. Personnel deployed included armed officers and a dog handler with a sniffer dog.

Grand Court and one Summary Court were interrupted briefly for checks. The Court of Appeal and two Summary Courts completed their lists for the day. Most court staff remained at their posts.

The Grand Court trial, which is being heard by the judge without a jury, was scheduled to continue after lunch.

Commissioner of Police Buel Braggs confirmed that officers are conducting inquiries to find out who is making the calls. Officers have also advised court staff on how to deal with certain situations.

Mr. Braggs indicated that there is already quite a bit of security at the Court House. But, he emphasised, ‘We have to take the matter seriously. We always do.’

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