Power outages explained

At about 7.47pm, on Wednesday, 13 April, electricity service was interrupted to more than 2,700 customers in West Bay and the northern Seven Mile Beach area when a fault occurred on one of the distribution feeders at CUC’s West Bay Substation.

Service was restored to more than 1,100 customers in the North West Road area at 9.06pm and the remaining 1,600 customers in the Mount Pleasant area at 11.54pm, states a CUC press release.

CUC’s crews carried out repairs in the substation and undertook an investigation into the cause of the fault on the line to Mount Pleasant. The company reports that this substation is in the process of being phased out and replaced within the next three months by the new Hydesville Substation on Willie Farrington Drive.

There were also intermittent outages on some streets in the Prospect area during the afternoon while CUC’s crews were conducting load balancing as part of the ongoing hurricane reconstruction. These outages commenced at 2pm and some areas were restored by 5.49pm and the remaining customers were reenergized at 7.50pm.

A third outage occurred on Parson’s Circle, off South Church Street, at about 7.19pm.

However, this interruption affected a very small number of customers whose service was restored by shortly after 9pm.

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