Community crazy over canine

Unlike the people he has made his home amongst, he can never speak of all he went through when Hurricane Ivan struck last year.

But one thing for sure, his new name reflects what he is – Survivor.

A short time after Ivan left Bodden Town battered and bruised last September, the mystery dog turned up in the area.

People living near the old Mission House had never seen him before and he did not appear to actually belong to anyone.

But it was not long before the neighbourhood took him into their hearts and into their households.

And they have been looking after and feeding him ever since.

‘He is a very loving dog and loves kids,’ said local resident Emilio P. Watler.

‘He appears to have been trained because he offers his paw,’ said Mr. Watler.

‘I think the people who owned him might have left the island at the time and couldn’t take him with them and he ended down here,’ he added.

‘Everyone in the area feeds and looks after him and he does his bit for them by acting as a kind of guard dog,’ said Mr. Watler.

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