Cayman cops bring back medals

Cayman’s Police and Fire World Games squash playing gold medal winner, Gabe Rabess has given an account in his own words of his memorable achievement in Quebec.

Gabe said: ‘In my group I had a Spaniard, Canadian and a player from the Czech Republic.

‘Nerves got the better of me in my first match, but I managed to stay focused on what lay ahead. In all my group matches I only dropped five points, finishing top of my group.

‘This boosted my confidence for the rest of the tournament.

‘Moving into the main draw I knew there were some serious contenders ahead including a Frenchman, a Canadian and a Hungarian.

‘In my first round match of the main ‘A’ draw I did not drop a point.

‘But from here on it became even more mentally and physical challenging, as all three matches (quarter-finals, semis and the finals) had to be played on the same day,’ said Gabe.

‘Moving into the quarter-finals I still felt strong and knew that I stood a very good chance of winning a medal.

‘I beat the local Canadian, and all that was standing in the way of a medal was a Frenchman.

‘It was a long and hard-fought battle, where I found myself 2-1 down. I dug deep and came back to win 3-2 after an hour and 10 minutes.

‘I knew that my fitness would never be my downfall and it certainly was not today.

‘I had done it… I was into the finals, which was to be played in less than two hours against a Hungarian, who had an easier match than I did.

‘The finals arrived! I was playing for at least silver, but thought gold would be nice!

‘With some of my team supporting me, I felt this match would not be as tough as the previous one, however I was not leaving anything to chance.

‘Within 20 minutes I thought to myself ‘I have a good chance of winning gold’ and, before I knew it, I was on Championship point.

‘I became the 2005 Police and Fire Games World Champion.

‘Later on that evening I celebrated my win with my teammates, but only after making a small call home to my wife Marlene.

‘I would also like to mention Dean Smith, who also competed in the squash tournament and gave it his best shot playing some great squash.

‘Also many thanks to our sponsors the Tourist Board, Police Welfare, Dept of Sports, CNB, Winners Circle, Reflections and Cayman Airways.