Cayman leader urges residents to take Emily seriously

Leader of Government Business Kurt Tibbetts issued a press statement Saturday afternoon imploring residents to take the threat of Hurricane Emily seriously.

‘Weather reports on Hurricane Emily continue to forecast that the hurricane will pass to the south of Grand Cayman overnight,’ he stated. ‘This is good news

‘Nevertheless, we all need to bear in mind that this system is a dangerous category 4 hurricane. Changes in course are possible. Any shift in Emily’s path over the next few hours could mean hurricane-force winds for Grand Cayman.

Therefore, no one of us can afford to let our guard down. Every person should hurry to complete his or her preparations; get home or to safe shelter as soon as possible, and stay there.

Mr. Tibbetts said Grand Cayman could expect heavy rainfall and strong wave action as a result of Emily.

‘Flooding could become a problem for flood-prone areas,’ he said. ‘For that reason, the decision has been taken to open all district shelters except the East End Primary School, which is undergoing construction work.

‘I urge everyone of you whose dwelling is in a low-lying area, or if it has not been fully repaired after Hurricane Ivan, to make preparation to go to one of the shelters, or to family or friends in a stronger and more secure home.’

Mr. Tibbetts urged employers to all employees to close early Saturday.

‘It has already been announced that a curfew could be implemented tonight and I fully support this,’ he said. ‘I especially encourage owners of restaurants and licensed premises to prepare to close early tonight in anticipation of the curfew and to ensure that their employees are home safely before 11pm.’

Residents should continue to monitor the track of Hurricane Emily, Mr. Tibbetts said.

‘Do not, I repeat, do not take this system lightly.’

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