Today’s Editorial, July 20: Area meetings

It’s good to see the Royal Cayman Islands Police are reviving its policy of holding community meetings at the various districts of the Cayman Islands.

Crime is uppermost in the minds of the majority who live in the Cayman Islands. Criminals are becoming braver with their acts of illegal activity, committing many misdeeds in broad daylight.

Just recently Durty Reids, a sports bar and grill in Red Bay, was held up by a gun-toting man as customers noshed on favourites and consumed adult beverages; enjoying each other’s company and a little sports on the side.

We’re sure representatives from the police department will hear the usual litany of complaints: speeding, noise, petty theft and drugs.

But the discussions need to go further than just police representatives taking a few hours out of their busy lives to hear the rants of disgruntled citizens.

The citizens of the Cayman Islands have a right and reason to be disgruntled.

When a person can be shot at the door steps of the Government’s hospital in broad daylight, something is wrong.

When this country experiences its first carjacking – again in broad daylight, something is wrong.

When you can’t step out your favourite watering hole or restaurant to relax and shed the load of the week with your friends without fear of being robbed, something is definitely wrong.

The police have asked the citizens of the Cayman Islands time and time again to help them solve crimes.

Now it is the Police Department’s turn to work with the citizens.

Starting with district-wide meetings is good.

But it’s not enough.

Those of us who were here in the early part of 2004 remember similar meetings that went on in all districts of the country.

A promise was made then that each district would get more police presence and that the community meetings would continue.

They didn’t.

Now, crime is worse than ever.

Thanks, RCIP, for starting up the community meetings again last night.

We wish you success in them, but we also hope that you will continue to work with each and every community to turn this tidal wave of crime that is washing over Cayman’s shores.

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