Sahara dust headed here

Anyone spending time on Seven Mile Beach over the next few days may have trouble seeing the buildings in George Town because of a dust cloud that originated in the Sahara Desert.

Monday morning’s rain, coupled with a thinning of the cloud as it moved into the Western Caribbean, minimised the effects Monday, but visibility will be affected for two to three more days, according to Avalon Porter, weather forecaster at the National Weather Service.

‘The dust storm was behind a tropical wave, which went through us yesterday (Sunday). The shower this morning (Monday) could have washed out the dust,’ Mr. Porter said.

No major showers are forecast over the next few days, though, he added.

‘The reduction in visibility and hazy days could stretch out to Thursday,’ Mr. Porter said.

The clouds originate when strong winds over the Atlantic lift the dust along the African coastline to more than 10,000 feet. The cloud then travels on a tropical wave to the west.

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