Latest in GPS technology featured

A seminar highlighting the latest in Global Positioning System technology will be hosted by the Government’s Lands and Survey Department on 24 August.

The North America and Latin America regional managers from Trimble Navigation Technology Ltd. will speak at the seminar and demonstrate the latest technology with particular emphasis on GPS infrastructure and real-time solutions.

The event is expected to be of particular benefit to government and licensed land surveyors as well as planners, environmentalists, engineers, utility companies or anyone whose business requires accurate spatial data, said a GIS press release.

The Trimble GPS seminar runs from 2-6pm at the Marriott Courtyard and is free of charge.

Throughout the world most people benefit from GPS technology every day of their lives whether it be to navigate their car, boat or even to ensure the plane they are on lands safely at its destination. GPS is a worldwide radio-navigation system formed from a constellation of 32 satellites and their ground stations.

The system uses these ‘man-made stars’ as reference points to calculate positions accurate to a matter of feet. Lands and Survey, provides the Cayman Islands with real-time 24-hours-a-day, island-wide GPS data accurate to decimals of an inch, the release said.

Substantial investment by Lands and Survey has seen the arrival of three permanent GPS CORS (Continually Operating Reference Stations) base stations throughout the islands. The Trimble NetRs base stations not only receive satellite data but provide a fixed reference point that allows for atmospheric and time corrections to be calculated and simultaneously broadcast to users in the field to enable them to achieve very accurate positions, the release said.

The Department utilises traditional radio wireless to broadcast the corrections. They also offer real-time internet-to-cell phone coverage with the user being able to receive corrections through a cell phone as opposed to a radio receiver – a solution that John Phillips, Senior Geomatician at Lands and Survey, believes is a first in the Caribbean.

Mr. Phillips explained that the purpose of the seminar. ‘Presently there are five licensed surveying companies on the island but only one utilizes GPS. At Lands and Survey we can see the benefits of using GPS and we want to encourage other Government departments and private sector companies to move forward with this technology.’

A further attraction of the event is that it is endorsed by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, one of the most respected and high profile global standards and membership organisations for professionals involved in land, property, construction and environmental issues throughout the world.

The seminar is an ideal opportunity for surveying professionals in the Cayman Islands to obtain the valuable CPD points required to maintain professional status, the release said.

For more information and to register contact John Phillips at Lands and Survey on 244-3450. Space is limited.