Polar Bear devours Breezes

The Polar Bear Co-ed softball team was victorious in the finals against Hammerhead/Breezes. However, they had to first face Cayman Coolers in the playoffs and earn the right to the finals.

In the playoff game against Cayman Coolers the players of Polar Bear took no prisoners as Margo Whittaker made several outstanding defensive plays and as Bradimir Robinson, Dionne Whittaker and Jordana Clarke all hit thunderous home runs.

In the end, Polar Bear would earn the right to the finals by beating Cayman Coolers 14 – 5 runs knocking them out in the fifth inning.

The final against Breezes was not much different, as the hungered Polar Bears came to the Tropics form the North Pole and devoured the Hammerhead/Breezes winning the Championship with a final score of 23 – 4 runs.

A few of the players on the Polar Bear team expressed their joy and excitement as this was their first championship in the Cayman Islands.

The winning team’s captain, Dionne Whittaker, said it was an exciting tournament with great competition in the ‘A’ division with teams such as Coconut Joes, Cayman Coolers, Hammerhead/Breezes and KPMG. Whittaker also thanked the Little League for hosting a ‘great event and most of all, our generous sponsor who made it possible for the team to participate.’