Public Housing gets new board

A comprehensive needs assessment and the creation of new selection criteria will be among the first tasks of the National Housing and Community Development Trust’s newly appointed board of directors.

‘I believe that the new board will use the past as a springboard to help this government develop clear and definitive policy on affordable housing,’ said Kurt Tibbetts, minister responsible for Housing.

‘It is a daunting task that lies ahead, but I have confidence that the board will rise to the challenge,’ he said in a GIS press release.

Fully supportive of the board, Mr. Tibbetts added that it would be counterproductive to dwell on the past. ‘It is imperative that we get affordable housing on track, and therefore my ministry will work closely with the NHCDT directors in planning the way ahead.’

Commenting on his appointment as Chairman of the Board, Mr. Leonard N. Ebanks, stated: ‘I have already met with Ministry staff and indeed the Auditor General’s staff and I eagerly await the Auditor General’s report and recommendations. I look forward to working with fellow board members, staff, the government and indeed the general public in helping to address Grand Cayman’s affordable housing needs in ways that will be innovative and viable.’

The new board will replace the interim NHCDT board that was appointed following the General Election in May. As of 1 July, housing became the responsibility of the Ministry for District Administration, Planning, Agriculture and Housing, leading Cabinet to appoint the replacement board.

Permanent Secretary Mr. Kearney Gomez said that on behalf of the newly appointed board, he seeks the public’s indulgence in the coming weeks while he and his staff work with the board to ease their transition and help them map the future for affordable housing in Grand Cayman