Taxi drivers meet with gov’t

The government had had a ‘positive’ meeting with taxi drivers who were in dispute over fares, Minister Anthony Eden told the Cabinet briefing.

The dispute had led to short strike of some taxi drivers operating from the port in George Town on Thursday.

Mr. Eden told the Cabinet briefing on Friday that they had had asked for the leader of one of the taxi groups to come in for talks and there had been a positive meeting.

The drivers’ concerns were understood, said Mr. Eden, but no commitment could be given until Minister of Tourism Charles Clifford, who was away at the time, returned.

A further development came in the form of a press release yesterday which said that Mr. Clifford met with local transport providers on Saturday to discuss fares and other matters.

It was agreed, said the release, that the Taxi and Tour Operators Association would not increase its fares pending the outcome of the Public Transport Board’s meeting on 24 August.