Z99, Rooster back up

Hurley’s Entertainment, parent company of radio stations Z99 and Rooster 101, has announced the restoration of full transmission power.

On the evening of Thursday engineers from TechNet threw the switch and the radio stations, now located in Suite 201 of the Creighton Building, are broadcasting at full capacity after 12 months of anticipation.

Z99 and Rooster 101’s previous studios were on Walkers Road, but were completely devastated by Hurricane Ivan. In October, after a month of struggling to find space, the ICTA actually leased two offices inside their headquarters to Z99 and Rooster 101 in order for the stations to begin broadcasting again on backup transmitters.

The new transmitters for Z99 and Rooster 101 are on a tower in the Newlands area, and Hurley’s Entertainment leases the space from Caycom. The previous tower in Industrial Park was destroyed by Hurricane Ivan.

Each of the station’s transmitters utilise the latest broadcast transmission technologies and produce 5,000 watts of power into a specially-engineered antenna system, installed by Excel Tower Service.

TechNet Systems installed the transmitters and the effective radiated power for each station is about 10,000 watts from the antenna located 260-feet above sea level. CI Pre-Cast installed the transmitter bunker and Electrical Enterprises wired the bunker.