Poll results don’t figure

I read with interest your article titled, Compass poll heavily favours Sunday trading.

I wonder just who would respond to your polls? Since most of the elderly do not have computers and I doubt that many other people take the time to answer polls of any kind, it must be ex-pats or ‘paper’ Caymanians who come from societies that never stop and never worship God except the God of the almighty dollar.

I believe I could take a poll of the 200 adults that attend the Wesleyan Holiness church and get a greater percentage of people who would basically be Caymanian, not ‘paper’ Caymanians, that would not be in favour of Sunday trade. Even if you would leave the traditional value out of the picture, it makes good sense to have a day of worship and a day set aside to relax and rest. The only ones in favour of Sunday trade are those who worship at the altar of the almighty dollar. Why do we here have to get caught up in the world of rush and go and do. Cayman has enough problems to deal with so let us leave some values and traditions alone and try to work together to solve the big issues. Oh by the way, did all those in favour of Sunday trade enjoy the Sundays of rest when Ivan, Dennis and Emily forced on us? Um, I wonder.

John Case