Today’s Editorial October 31: Enjoy Cayman’s heritage

The grand kick-off to Pirate’s Week was a wash Saturday.

Once again soggy weather put a damper on the biggest festival in the Cayman Islands, causing organizers to cancel the fireworks show Friday night and the Pirates Landing and Parade Saturday.

Maybe it’s time to rethink the dates of Pirates Week.

Many, many people from outside our country spend time and money to come to the Cayman Islands to take part in Pirates Week festivities.

While it’s not our fault that it rains, we can’t be giving our visitors a good impression by having a festival during the finicky rainy season.

Pirate’s Week is a tool to entice tourists to our islands. No one wants to go to any Caribbean island to sit in a hotel room, time share or condo to watch it rain.

Organizers have rescheduled Saturday’s rained out events to this coming Saturday, 5 November. We hope that our visitors will still be here and that Mother Nature will cooperate.

While this past weekend’s activities didn’t go on as scheduled, this week’s Heritage Days are still on.

Beginning today, the focus will be on the districts of Grand Cayman starting with George Town.

While partying and revelry are a big part of Pirates Week, an even larger part is the role the districts play during Heritage Days.

Heritage Days afford us an opportunity to remember where we came from and to show visitors a part of our vast, rich and colourful history and culture.

A day of celebrating heritage has been set aside for each district and we encourage everyone to take part in the food, drink, music and entertainment.

Native dishes such as turtle, crab, conch, fish, rice and beans, jerk chicken, breadfruit (if you’re lucky enough to find some) and heavy cakes will be served up in each district. It’s important to get a taste of these delicacies in each district because seasonings and tastes vary from one area to the next.

On a diet?

Forget it this week.

As food is dished out and eaten up during the day, the real partying begins as night falls in each district.

Visitors to the district Heritage Days will be treated to colourfully dressed quadrille dancers, home-grown bands, great music and much dancing.

The District Heritage Days are also great for family getaways. Kids enjoy the days just as much as the grownups.

Heritage Days are such an important part of Pirates Week that one respondent to the online poll asking people if they planned to attend the festivities strongly suggested that the name of the event be changed from Pirates Week to Heritage Week.

The festivities are scheduled to continue through the weekend with Heritage Days in Savannah/Newlands and Little Cayman. Cayman Brac gets into the festive atmosphere on Saturday, 12 November.

Pirates Week offers something for everyone. Take some time off this week and enjoy the fun.

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