Air ambulance addressed

Steps have to be taken to avoid delays in getting people air ambulanced out of the country, Health Minister Anthony Eden told Finance Committee.

Mr. Eden said on Thursday that recently an incident was brought to his attention in which there was a delay in getting a patient off the island.

He said it was unacceptable when it came to patients needing urgent care.

A protocol had to be put in place to help people in times like that and to expedite matters, he told the committee.

Family members and patients had to be kept informed on what was going on, he said.

The committee heard a leaflet was being put together to provide information to the public on what would happen when someone had to be taken overseas in such circumstances.

Health Services Authority Chief Executive Officer Shirline Henriques said she shared the concern over delays.

They were working on setting up a detailed protocol so that clients would have more information on what was expected from them.

There appeared to be some confusion amongst people as to access to services and those areas would be addressed, she told the committee.

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