‘Evil spirit’ in our own backyard

I wish to respond to an item in your newspaper, titled Evil Spirit Drifting (7July). The writer was borrowing a quote from the Minister of National Security for Jamaica in which he referred to the present crime wave there as something with the spiritual morals of the criminals in his country.

I truly believe that an evil spirit has ‘drifted’ onto the shores of Grand Cayman. But I take issue with the writer who suggested that ‘black clouds of demons’ are spreading off of Jamaica to the Cayman Islands and subtly suggesting that the recent crime wave – burglaries, carjacking, gun crimes – that cause the Cayman Islands to be losing its culture are being perpetrated by Jamaican men.

Immigration services in the Cayman Islands need to take drastic measures to deal with this problem. I wish to point your readers and this unfortunate writer to certain facts and put an end to such bigotry, racism and xenophobia that emanates from this article. These include:

When this article was written none of the criminals caught/charged was a Jamaican. In fact, they were all Caymanian nationals.

I am sure that apart from emergency work permits, police records are required by Immigration, an arm of the Government.

The Cayman Islands, sad to say, adopts an American way of life, despite being an English territory ruled by Her Majesty the Queen. Hence, American culture dominates the Caymanian way of life – food, cars, clothes, entertainment, materialism, crime and xenophobia, to an extent.

Jamaicans have always proudly played a part in the building of the Cayman Islands (see your historic annuals). Other immigrants participated too.

Most of the Jamaicans (as well as other nationals) go to work on Sundays and public holidays when transport is lacking and will do menial or backbreaking jobs that regular Caymanians (most of them) will not.

Unfortunately, Jamaica has seen an upsurge in crime and violence, characteristic of that seen in the US, England and other major centres in the world. But Jamaica still boasts a culture of hard work, kindness, love for visitors and accepting people to be part of us – out of many, one people.

The bounties that the Cayman Islands bask in today are due to the firm foundation that the early immigrants perfectly laid and worked very hard to maintain. Gladly, most of our Caymanian brothers and sisters have maintained this culture.

If we really love the Cayman Islands and want to recapture the true Caymanian culture, then let us with an open mind attack the problem from the root – destruction of the culture where Caymanian boys and young men (some young ladies, too) crave material possessions and refuse to work hard for it.

Let us also help the RCIP to weed (the criminals) out. We know who they are. Let’s not fool ourselves – Cayman is a very small place. And if they are Jamaican, or any other nationality, they must be brought to the books.

Finally, the ‘cloud’, regardless of its colour, origin or intent, must be swiftly and totally blown away so that the serenity of Cayman’s blue skies will once again be revealed.

Ras I

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