Yes, keep it green

I refer to your editorial in the Caymanian Compass of Tuesday, 6 September, and would comment as follows:

I hope green does not mean a park of bricks, concrete, palm trees that offer no shade and an expensive water fountain;

Our landscape, especially since Hurricane Ivan, is a shock to all locals as it is to our visitors.

I remember George Town as having shady areas where we could stand and see (or be seen). They were a shelter from the burning sun.

From the time a bottlebrush tree was planted in front of the Post Office it really improved the landscape in that area, especially having a black olive tree nearby. Where are the beautiful flamboyant trees and the Poincianas?

Except for the yellow shamrock in front of the Museum Shop and Old Court House building, there is no sign of colour – of a tree that is, green or otherwise. At the new Kirkconnell Plaza there are beautiful blooming trees on the Goring Avenue drive, but nothing out front but palms. Take a good look at that Shamrock tree. It looks like a bouquet.

Also take a look at the site of the Craft Market. The last government rushed to open this property. There is no sign of shade anywhere. They could have at least left an almond tree or a Poinciana for shade for birds to rest and nest, or even suggested the Garden Club for ideas, or even me. I have many shade trees, which have sprouted in my property and which I treat as royal gifts.

As stated by Mr. Kurt Tibbetts on Radio Cayman, ‘leave our mangroves intact.’ I agree with him totally. Just take a ride with me in and out of the canals and along the Harquail by-pass and see for yourself the destruction of our mangroves. Again, I agree with him, ‘it’s like night and day.’

So I congratulate our new Government for making a very valuable decision for the beautification of our George Town. I commend and congratulate them.

Three verdant islands set in the blue Caribbean Sea; Grand Cayman, fifth largest financial centre in the world.

Let’s keep it beautiful and aesthetically green, cool, colourful and friendly. Cayman Brac and Little Cayman pay attention.

Joan E. Wilson

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