First amnesty gun turned in

Rotary Club of Grand Cayman’s gun buy-back programme got off to a cracking start on Tuesday.

One weapon was handed in on the very first day, club president David Kirkaldy told the Caymanian Compass.

And that, he felt, was an encouraging sign after all the work that has gone into the lead up to the month-long drive to target the country’s gun crime problems.

‘Recently, we have all witnessed an increase in gun crime activity,’ said Mr. Kirkaldy

‘This rise in crime affects everyone and could be detrimental to the development of tourism and commerce,’ he added.

‘The ‘Cease Fire’ programme is coupled with an amnesty on firearms possession for the month of November,’ a Rotary Club of Grand Cayman press release explained.

‘The amnesty applies only to unlicensed firearms handed in to a member of the Cayman Islands Ministers Association (928-PRAY),’ said the release.

‘Weapons found during police investigations or random searches do not qualify for the amnesty, nor do crimes that may be linked to a firearm turned in,’ it added.

For each firearm turned in a reward will be paid out, starting at $400 for the first week and decreasing by $100 each week for the four weeks of November.

The Chamber of Commerce award certificate is not traceable and is valid at any Chamber business member, said the release.

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