Cancer Society gives thanks

The Cayman Islands Cancer Society thanked its corporate sponsors Tuesday at a Volunteer Appreciation Night held at Icoa Café & Bakery.

Victor Opitz, chairman of the board of the society, addressed the companies at the ceremony and noted the important part they play in helping the CICS achieve its goals.

‘Through your assistance, whether it is financial, professional services, publicity, the donation of your people’s time and efforts or materials, we are achieving our vision to reduce the incidence of cancer and improve the quality of life of all those affected by cancer in the Cayman Islands,’ Mr. Opitz said.

Among the services the society provides, he added, are increasing awareness of cancer, counselling and supporting cancer patients and their families, maintaining a survivor network and advocating for legislative changes that would lead to the reduction of cancer.

‘This is the first time we have held this thank you. After so many years of help from corporations here we thought we would thank them in a public way,’ Mr. Opitz said.

The society presented plaques of appreciation to Island Heritage, KPMG, CITN Cayman 27, Foster’s Food Fair, Cable & Wireless, Hew’s Janitorial, Progressive Distributors and Cayman Free Press.

In addition, the society thanked Alexandra Stewart, a counsellor who volunteers her time for cancer patients.

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