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Cayman Islands Bodybuilding Extreme Championships

Xavier DSouza

Xavier DSouza was the big winner in Saturdays Extreme Bodybuilding Championships held at the Lions Center in George Town. Photo: Guy P. Harrison

Three competitors outshined all others to claim their moment in the spotlight Saturday night at the Lions Center as The Cayman Islands Natural Bodybuilding Association hosted its first-ever contest. Although the association has been involved with previous events, this was their first solo effort.

‘I’m very happy with how it came together,’ said lead organiser Tiger Wilson.

‘The Cayman Islands is proving that we can produce some of the best natural bodybuilders in the world,’ said Susan Wilson, president of the Cayman Islands Natural Bodybuilding Association.

The men’s open crown was claimed by a powerhouse from India named Xavier D’Souza. His mass, symmetry and polished posing made him a clear winner with both the judges and the crowd. A former Mr. India, according to MC James Myles, D’Souza is a personal trainer based at Kings Sports Center. Gym owner Rex Ebanks was pleased to see a member of his team take top honours.

‘He deserved it,’ said Ebanks. ‘A lot of the guys teased him before the contest. I had to tell him that it’s just a cultural thing and not to take it personally. I think it just motivated him to train harder.’

Tall and ripped, Raymond Northover captured second place in the men’s open division. Behind him was crowd pleaser Michael Salmon in third.

Jeanna Cullinane had a memorable night, taking wins in both the Figure and Bodybuilding divisions. Years of training were evident as her hardbody outpaced her competitors.

Karen Woon-Sam also pulled double duty. She was second in Bodybuilding and fourth in Figure. Diane Chung was third in the Bodybuilding Division.

Following Cullinane in the Figure competition were Annie Manderson and Meloney Martin.

The Men’s Novice Division was highlighted by the breakout performance of Kingslyn Mitchell. His powerful physique, dominating definition and smooth posing announced his arrival as a Cayman Islands bodybuilder to watch out for in future competitions.

Criminals beware, big man Mark Green (a member of the Royal Cayman Islands Police) is packing a lot of muscle these days. He was a strong second in the Men’s Novice group. Bin Malcom took third and Carlton Smith finished fourth.

Fans were impressed with the guest posers. Pro Hugh Cotterell blew away onlookers with his incredibly lean and balanced body as did ultra-stylish poser Gilroy Jouaval. Pro Dale Morris was sharp as he teamed up with pro Carla Yee Sing to wow the crowd. Figure pros Georgette Eugene-Dewy and Agueda Broderick undoubtedly raised a few temperatures with their creative and entrancing routine.

Two Caymanian powerlifters gave the audience of glimpse of what their sport is all about with a few demonstration lifts.

Susan Wilson added that she feels it is difficult for most people to understand the intense training and level of dedication required to compete in bodybuilding.

More than 500 turned out to watch the competition, an impressive number in light of the fact that the contest was competing against rescheduled Pirates Week activities.

Several of the competitors and guest posers seen during Saturday night’s competition are scheduled to represent the Cayman Islands this weekend in New York City at the WNBF Pro/Am Championships. Tiger Wilson said he is confident that they will do well based upon the level of conditioning they achieved for last Saturday’s contest.

Figure champ Agueda Broderick says her sport is on the rise in Cayman and last weekend’s contest was another important boost.

‘Cayman was able to see what the sport has to offer and the support that it has within community,’ she said ‘I think that the contest also provided a great opportunity for the novice competitors to gain exposure that may encourage them to make improvements and compete again in the future. I have noticed an increase in the number of women working out at the gym recently a few of which are interested in competing.

‘Unfortunately I feel that the sport of bodybuilding is not given enough recognition by the local business community where it has proven to be very difficult to obtain sponsorship. Too often bodybuilding is not considered to be a sport.’

Judges for the Extreme Bodybuilding Championships were: Phil Brown (head judge), Hugh Cotterell, Jamal D. Young, Allan Foster and Olwena Griffiths.

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