Dissecting the hedge fund industry

International and local hedge fund experts gathered for an in-depth look at the state of the hedge fund industry with particular emphasis on Cayman’s role Monday.

The panel discussion was produced by KPMG and held at the Westin Casuarina hotel’s Governor’s Ballroom.

Discussions were centred on the findings of the recent KPMG/CREATE global hedge fund report Hedge Funds: a catalyst reshaping global investment, and included the significant role played by the Cayman Islands.

David Walker, editor from Hedge Funds Review, led the discussion, which included industry leaders here and abroad.

Topics under scrutiny included the future role of boutiques within the industry; the involvement of mainstream fund managers into the hedge fund industry; administrators as a pressure point; pension funds getting in on the act; the thorny issue of regulating the industry; and finally, Cayman Islands’ future within the industry.

Aside from the panel discussion, the audience was encouraged to become actively involved in the proceedings with a series of questions fired at them at the end of each segment.

Delegates were required to punch their answers into an electronic handset and their responses were automatically collated and were, within seconds, on a large screen for the panel to then analyse.

For example, when asked whether they thought that the Cayman Islands would still be the domicile of choice in three years’ time for hedge funds, the response from the audience was that 91 per cent of the audience agreed with the statement.

KPMG did not charge a fee to attend the event but recommended a donation to the Hedge Funds Care charity of $100 per delegate.

Read in depth coverage of KPMG’s hedge fund presentation in future editions of the Cayman Islands Journal

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