Call for trees to be felled

Civic-minded citizen Mr. Jay Bodden is appealing for trees which died after Hurricane Ivan and which are posing a public danger, to be felled as soon as possible.

The trees could fall over at any time causing a serious accident, he points out.

‘Falling trees do kill and I feel that Public Works should undertake the work of cutting them down,’ said Mr. Bodden.

A life-long campaigner on civic issues, Mr. Bodden was awarded the British Empire Medal by Prince Andrew in 2001 for service to the community.

Raising fears that the trees could fall over and cause a serious accident, Mr. Bodden highlighted the example of a dead Sea Grape, which is leaning onto West Bay Road at the northern entrance to the public beach.

Nearby, on the sand beside the public beach parking area, there are also two dead Australian pines and another with an overhanging limb which appears to have died,

‘These could fall on vehicles or people at any time,’ said Mr. Bodden

He also pointed out two dead Royal Poinciana trees on Smith road, just north of Pasadora Place.

In addition, he highlighted several dead Royal Palms alongside West Bay Road opposite The Strand.

‘These are not in immediate danger of falling over but they do need to be removed,’ he said.

Mr. Bodden urged citizens in other areas of the island to look out for potentially dangerous dead trees and report them.

He commended the work recently done to cut down a dangerous tree at Spotts jetty but said he hoped the ground would also be levelled off so that nobody would trip over.

Mr. Bodden has been campaigning for more than 15 years for a railing to be put on the jetty to ensure that passengers disembarking from cruise ships do not accidentally fall into the sea.

During strong northwesterly winds, cruise ships which are unable to dock in George Town use the Spotts jetty to land passengers.

‘When people come off a ship they still feel the motion of the sea so they are unsteady on their feet,’ Mr. Bodden said.

‘There are also a number of elderly passengers aboard these ships and it would be a good idea to have the railings in place for them. We don’t want any visitors to our shores to have an accident.’

Keen to ensure that visitors to George Town enjoy a pristine environment Mr. Bodden also raised concerns over a water leak at the pedestrian crossing between the old Royal Bank of Canada building, and the Post Office.

‘I reported this matter six weeks ago and there is still water on the road,’ he said.

A spokesperson for the Water Authority said the matter was being investigated and would be dealt with.

A spokesperson for the National Roads Authority said they were responsible for trees beside the road but not on private property.

Anybody with concerns about dangerous trees at the side of the road can contact the authority on 946-7780.

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